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As lead guitarist for the legendary rock band The Cars, Elliot has sold over 30 million records worldwide. Elliot’s reputation is that of a tasteful musician with a knack for coming up with memorable solos, great tones, and an uncanny ear for creating unforgettable “hooks” on pop records. Elliot is also an enthusiastic fan of the instrument itself and has been honored with four different signature model guitars, first in the 80s with a Kramer EE Pro model, and in 2000 a beautiful signature model Gretsch guitar which he designed. This year, he’s designed two incredible new models that are currently in production: a gorgeous new Gibson “Tiki” model SG Custom and a Martin acoustic guitar. Elliot has delved into film work, providing the end title track for Quentin Tarantino’s film “Jackie Brown.” That song, “Monte Carlo Nights,” was also used in a key scene in the film. He has also done music supervision for films, including a Sundance festival award winning film, “Corn Dog Man.”


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