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ANDREAS KISSER, born August 24th, 1968 in São Bernardo do Campo, SP-Brazil, is the lead guitarist for heavy metal bands Sepultura and HAIL!. He also produces and composes music, hosts ROCKROAD Brazil, and writes a weekly column for Yahoo! Brasil Music. He has also composed soundtracks for several Brazilian films.

Andreas has jammed with all kinds of Brazilian musicians and celebrities, played as part of the Scorpions for a South American tour, and shared the stage with huge names such as Metallica, Dio, Slayer, Deep Purple, Sodom, Pantera, Jason Newsted, and much more. He will be filling in for Scott Ian in Anthrax for some dates of the 2011 Big 4 summer tour.

He released his first solo album Hvbris I & II about a year ago, and now is releasing the new Sepultura album “Kairos.”

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