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"I've used Dunlop 1mm Picks for as long as I can remember. I’m currently using the .73 Primetone and the Maxgrip 1mm...best picks I've used for live performances, period.” - Shaun Riptown

"Dunlop has been with me since I started playing. The first picks I used were Tortex, and different styles of thumbpicks and fingerpicks. Through the years i've tried many other styles, like Jazz II and Jazz III, but finally fell in love with the USA Nylon 1mm... That is until the Max Grip came out! I used those up until recently, but what do you know... They outdid themselves again with the recent release of the Primetone pick series! After about five minutes of trying one out, I was sold. I'm now using the Primetone Jazz III, and I love them." - Aaron LeVesque

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