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Big Business is a loud three-piece rock band from sunny Los Angeles, CA. They tour, make records, and pretty much do whatever they want. But they do it CLASSY.

Big Business started in 2003 in Seattle with Jared Warren and Coady Willis (who both also play in the Melvins). Toshi Kasai played guitar for three years, but had to step down from touring status in 2011 to pursue his recording career. Toshi is still very much in the Big Biz family, having recorded and mixed both Quadruple Single (Gold Metal, 2011) and the brand new "Wild Kingdom" 7" (Gold Metal, 2012). 

Stepping into Toshi's butt-shaping shoes is the multi-talented Scott Martin (previously of Crom, 400 Blows). Scott plays guitar, but is also a gifted child actor and an ordained holy man.  

Gold Metal Records is Big Business' own label, launched in 2011 with the release of Big Business' Quadruple Single, a 12" EP. Gold Metal was started with the intention of releasing Big Business recordings whenever, however, and with whomever we choose.... Also to capitalize on the burgeoning LA Gold Metal scene. We do what we want! But we do it CLASSY!

Learn more about Big Business at BigBigBusiness.com, and keep up with all their CLASSY antics on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

"That Carbon Copy Delay is one of my favorite pedals I've ever used EVER! I've got all kinds of freaked out sounds going on with it that will be pretty prominent on the new album, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!" - Scott Martin

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