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Brendon Small is the lead guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter of the band Dethklok and the creator of the hit series of Metalocalypse on [adult swim]. Though Dethklok is an animated series they are now known in the real world for having the highest charting death metal album of all time, only to have been beaten by themselves and then beaten by themselves again with their following releases. Brendon was given a high honor of gracing the cover of Guitar Player magazine Oct 2012 in support of his critically acclaimed solo album Brendon Small's Galaktikon. Currently you'll find Brendon preparing the release of Metalocalypse: The DOOMSTAR REQUIEM a Klok Opera, an animated rock opera special on [adult swim] and an album with a 50-piece orchestra. When not doing music you'll find Brendon preforming stand up comedy in Los Angeles, CA.

Learn more about Brendon at BrendonSmall.com, and follow him on Twitter.

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