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After launching his professional career as a guitarist with renowned jazz/fusion drummer Billy Cobham, Charlie Singleton a.k.a. “The Phantom” joined the R&B group Cameo in 1981, where his musical influence became an intricate part of the group's signature sound. He released his first solo album with Arista Records in 1985 and later signed with Sony/Epic Records while continuing to record and perform with Cameo.

Charlie’s has recorded with Chaka Kahn, Will Smith, Tupac, Mariah Cary, Charlie Wilson, Kiara, Snoop Dog, The Whispers, Kenny Latimore, Mikey Craig, Jermaine Dupree and many more, and has also worked on music for film and television. His unique writing voice and playing style have inspired many thtoughout his storied three decade career. Charlie continues to be a dominant force in today’s music and has been named one of the most influential guitarists of his generation. With the release of his Phantom Of The Hip Hopera and Phantomania double CDs, Charlie Singleton is once again back in the spotlight and reaffirming his title as a bona fide guitar super hero.

"It’s ironic that after years of searching and experimenting, I end up coming back to the source that helped launch my career. MXR was a major part of my signature sound in the '70s, and after more than three decades is once again an intricate part of my stage and studio sound. With the addition of the Way Huge Ring Worm, the MXR M117 Flanger and the M120 Auto Q, my setup is now timeless as well as classic. MXR Dunlop — It’s the stuff that legends are made of. Who said you can’t go home again? Not me."

"Strings are like tires…We never give them much thought until one blows. After blowing zillions, I finally realized that I needed a better brand. With Dunlop Strings I can now play longer and harder without the fear of being stranded. From electric to acoustic, these are by far the best strings I’ve ever driven. So if you want to get more mileage out of your playing, then Dunlop Strings are the way to go."

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