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Deke Dickerson's name is synonymous with vintage Americana guitar. After playing in several local rockabilly bands as a kid, Deke formed The Untamed Youth at age 17 in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri. In 1991 he moved to Los Angeles and teamed up with Dave Stuckey to form the Dave & Deke Combo; the duo released two albums and reunited for a much ballyhooed 2005 reunion tour. Deke joined the Ecco-Fonics in 1998, signed to HighTone Records released three albums while touring regularly. His style incorporates country and alt-country, rockabilly, hillbilly, blues, Western swing and rock 'n' roll.

Deke writes a regular column in Guitar Player magazine and feature articles in Vintage Guitar magazine and The Fretboard Journal. He also organizes an annual "Guitar Geek Festival" held in Anaheim, California, every January, during the NAMM Show.

Learn more about Deke at www.DekeDickerson.com.

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