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Derrick Lee Murdock a.k.a. Dock was born in Philadelphia and began playing the bass at 17. While this might be considered late in some playing quarters, Dock's passion for the instrument — driven by a love of the music of Bootsy Collins, Kool, Larry Graham, Geedy Lee, James Jamerson, Stanley Clark ,Joco, Marcus Miller and many others — helped hone his craft to perfection in a short amount of time.

In 1994 Derrick left Philadelphia and moved to Los Angeles where his skills on the bass were quickly noted and he landed his first high profile role, playing bass with Sheena Easton. He went on to perform and tour with a host of other high profile and talented performers and top tier gigs including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Jay Leno Show, The Kevin Eubanks Band,The Jazz Crusaders,Tom Scott, Gladys Knight, Natalie Cole, Will Smith, Jim Carey, Bill Cosby, Michael Bolton, Aaron Nevill, Denise Williams, Solomon Burke, Patty Austin, Dr Dre, Rose Royce, BB King, Chuck Berry, Peter Framton, and Huey Lewis. Dock is currently playing with Frank Gambale.

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