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Even before the “record button” was pushed in 1977 during the recording of “Van Halen I”, there was a pedal that helped shape Van Halen's legendary sound—the MXR Phase 90. After millions of records sold and thousands of sold out shows, the one constant has always been his MXR pedals.

Back in 1998, Dunlop approached EVH about making a signature Phase-90. After a couple of circuit changes and a new finish, the EVH-90 was born. The pedal was an instant hit with EVH fans worldwide and one of the most recognizable pedals painted in his signature Red with White and Black Stripe pattern.

After the success of the EVH-90, EVH and Dunlop developed the EVH Flanger. With a push of a button, you got the exact legendary EVH flanger sound as used in the famous Van Halen song “Unchained”

Recently the EVH Wah was introduced in the Cry Baby family of products. This pedal—like the EVH-90 and EVH Flanger—were painstakingly designed to meet EVH's specs on what he wanted. EVH wanted a more vocal like, high Q inductor and a wider frequency sweep to suit his unique wah style.

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