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Eric released his first record at Age 16 to an amazing response from the media and music fans around the globe. Guitar World Magazine's Reader's Poll named Eric as “Best New Talent,” in 1991. Through the years, it would not be unusual to look out in the audience and see artists like Carlos Santana, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, B. B. King, and Eric Clapton, looking on with interest as Eric took his God-given talent and worked crowd after crowd into a frenzy, and mesmerizing fans around the world with his uncanny connection to his guitar.

As both an African-American left-handed guitarist of extraordinary ability and an expressive vocalist, it is natural for people to compare Eric to Hendrix but Eric has developed a unique hybrid blues/rock sound that also draws upon influences as diverse as Albert King and Eric Johnson. A unique amalgam of styles, Eric Gales stands head and shoulders among other guitarists in his genre.

Eric's music is rooted firmly in the blues but played with the edge and aggression of a young guitar hero, establishing Gales as one of the rare musical talents of his generation.


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