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With a diverse and unique pallet of influences, brilliant technical prowess, and an unconventional approach to music, Evan Brewer is set to reinvent the bass guitar in the minds of a new generation of music fans.

Evan's talent for playing the bass presented itself at an early age. While still in high school in Nashville, he took to the bass naturally, attracting the attention of legendary virtuoso Reggie Wooten. What began as a mentor-student relationship blossomed over time into a friendship as Reggie's lessons on technique and musical philosophy had a profound effect on Evan's early musical development.

As a bass player, Evan can't be pinned to any particular style. Whether he is sitting-in playing funk, jazz and soul with the Wooten Brothers, or contributing to the tech-metal assault of a band like The Faceless, Brewer's signature sound and unmatched versatility are on display. In fact, another mysterious and yet-to-be-released project called Climaxes even features Evan Brewer as a multi-instrumentalist and producer.

While viral videos of Evan playing bass have already captured the hearts and minds of music fans all over the world, his solo bass record Alone will shock listeners not only with its virtuosic playing but also its amazing listenability; these songs are not just shallow demonstrations of his factual capability on the instrument, but they are actually enjoyable, often haunting tunes with serious emotional and artistic merit. The album was produced and performed by Evan Brewer alone and features only bass guitar on every track, a truly unique accomplishment for such a compelling release. Keep an eye out for Alone which will hit stores via Sumerian Records. Catch Evan Brewer on tour and on record with The Faceless.

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