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The career of Shelton Hank Williams III (aka Hank 3) has doubled as a sort of crusade in which he breaks all the rules of country music while somehow managing to honor its traditions at the same time. As he puts it, “Everybody calls themselves outlaws and all that stuff, but that’s what’s missing in country music. Everything’s so clean and pretty and perfect, and you need a couple of people in there that aren’t perfect and that don’t sound the best. That’s the way some of the best guys were, man.”

The grandson of country music legend Hank Williams and the son of Hank Williams Jr., the third-generation rebel is one of the most prominent musicians to play neo-traditional country in a country music market dominated by pop country. In addition to his honky-tonk recordings, Williams' style also alternates between punk, speed metal, and doom metal.

Looking back on his latest achievements and down the road at the same time, Hank 3 philosophizes, “The way I approach records nowadays is it could be my very last one. So that’s the big inspiration for it, and just gettin’ by each day and tryin’ to make it through another tour—that’s the deal. I’m not tryin’ to get no big payoff or anything. Will I ever be able to do this again in my career? Probably not. This’ll be the only time I’ll be able to pop out that much energy at once. But all in all, it’s just kinda bein’ like the Melvins or the Reverend Horton Heat. I’m a bar band, that’s what I am, so I’ll be beatin’ down the road as long as we can, doin’ the show and sayin’ hello, man.”


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