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Ian Fowles is a guitarist, author, and actor best known as the current guitarist for the Orange County rock band The Aquabats, in which he performs under the stage name Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk. Prior to joining The Aquabats, Ian was one of the founding members of the hardcore punk band Death by Stereo.

The Aquabats are easily identified by their masks and matching costumes, and are perhaps most recognized for their theatrical persona as crime-fighting superheroes. Their stage shows regularly feature comedic stunts and fight scenes with costumed villains and creatures. Musically, The Aquabats have continually evolved over the course of their career, starting as an eight-member ska band before reinventing themselves in the early 2000s as a synthesizer-driven rock quintet.

Learn more about The Aquabats at www.TheAquabats.com, connect with them on Twitter.

"Been using the new Dunlop Strings out on the road, and they are great. I absolutely love them! they don't stretch out as much as most other strings and they stay in tune really really well. So stoked on them!"

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