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Isaiah Mitchell is the guitarist for psych rock power trio, Earthless, whose 45 minute long improvisations have been melting faces for over a decade. He also fronts his latest project, Golden Void, as well as the Black Elk Medicine Band. He began playing guitar with his dad's bands in the garage playing a heavy dose of blues and rock n roll. His style is rooted in the blues, which he then slams through an echoplex-drenched 1967 light show full of fuzz and smoke. He has toured the world over and is credited on dozens of albums ranging from the styles of country, blues, rock, r&b, surf, psychedelic and meditational.

Learn more about Earthless on the TeePee Records site, and about Golden Void on the Thrill Jockey Records site. Find Earthless on Facebook here, and Golden Void here, and follow Earthless on Instagram.

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