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From the “Ride the Lightning” era to the present day “Death Magnetic”, James Hetfield has always relied on Dunlop's green Tortex .88mm pick—because of that, other guitar players like Dimebag Darrel and Scott Ian have too.
During the recording of Death Magnetic, James was looking for something new that could complement his distinctly aggressive picking style. While in the studio, Dunlop provided several prototypes that were based on a vintage tortoise-shell pick. They made several different prototypes that were made of different materials, tip shapes, and gauges until they final came up with the “Black Fang”. The "Black Fang" is made of sturdy Ultex Material that creates a more defined tone and sharp attack. Perfect for what James was looking for!

“It’s fast, bright, and strong because of the hard point and sharp material,” says the man himself. “it gives you everything you need--just add venom.”

“Plus, this is probably a shock to ya’ll but, black HAS been the “Tallica” color of choice. Black + a sharp fang… the pick named itself. We’ve had artist ‘Dirty’ Donny do lots of artwork for us, from picks to pinball games.”

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