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Purveyors of infectiously crunchy, melodic and spring-loaded rock, Lower Than Atlantis' rise to the status of UK rock’s "most-likely-to" has been steady and, with hindsight, inevitable. The four members fell together in the late-2000s, and have since released a debut EP, Bretton in 2008, and two self-funded full length albums, 2010’s Far Q and 2011’s World Record, and showed an unflappable commitment to touring. They earned a fearsome reputation on the underground circuit, swiftly rising to prominence and media acclaim while building an often-terrifyingly devoted fanbase. Now, having attracted the attention of Island Records, they've released their third album, Changing Tune, the album that looks set to turn them into British rock’s next great crossover act. “We’re four normal working class guys who had shit jobs and no decent qualifications or anything like that," says says frontman Mike Duce. "We’re just normal people. Our message now is that if you want something bad enough and really work hard, it will happen. We’re proof of that”

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