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Melissa Auf der Maur (MAdM) was born and raised in Montreal, Canada with a fine arts education focusing on Music and Photography. From 1994-1999 she was a member, songwriter and bass player of the international rock band Hole, culminating in the Billboard and Grammy nominated album "Celebrity Skin" released in 1998. In 2000 she joined the Smashing Pumpkins for their farewell world tour. In 2004 "Auf der Maur", her first solo album, was released by Capitol Records/ EMI worldwide. The album featured esteemed guest appearances by members of Queens of the Stone Age, NIN and A Perfect Circle. She has toured and collaborated with bands and members of QOTSA, Marilyn Manson, The Cure, Indochine, NIN, Muse, Ric Ocasek and more.

2010 marked the release of OUT OF OUR MINDS, MAdM's second solo project featuring an album, fantasy film & comic book. Highlights include the film premiering at the Sundance Film Festival and the album featuring a notable duet with legendary Goth rocker Glenn Danzig.


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