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Motörhead have never JUST been the best rock'n'roll band in the world. They've never JUST been the loudest. Or the hardest. Or the toughest. Or the bad-ass-est.! No...Motörhead are also a lifestyle.

Motörhead are a mindset, a belief, a way to live your life, a way to both survive and beat a society that sometimes seems intent on grinding you down! That is why Motörhead have chosen now, in what might be some of the most tense times in recent global history, to release a hellraising, rebel-rousing rock'n'roll statement known as The Wörld is Yours. “We don’t fit into anything!” roars founder and heartbeat Lemmy Kilmister, "the only thing we fit into is 'Motörhead' because we are Motörhead music and that's what we do!"!

Written and performed by Lemmy Kilmister, Philip Campbell and Mikkey Dee in both Los Angeles and Wales, with production once again by Cameron Webb, The Wörld is Yours serves to remind everyone that you should never stop questioning or critiquing a society that would surely chew you up and spit you out if given half a chance. "They're not my favorite topics, but I feel compelled to talk about them because they're so fucked up," furthers Lemmy, "everything is mind control, everything is the man trying to stop you thinking and only do what he says. It's never worked yet, but it hasn't stopped them trying. What amazes me is people don't say anything, people didn't rise up and complain. In the old days, they had a revolution and threw the British out!"

And with 10 soul-scorching testaments to the unbridled power this world-famous trio continually maintain, The Wörld is Yours! delivers some of the finest, most important Motör-music yet. On instant classics such as “Get Back In Line,” Kilmister thunders that, “The way we are is not the way we used to be my friend,” and “We are trapped in luxury, starving on parole, no one told us who to love, we have sold our souls,” whilst on “Brotherhood Of Man,” Kilmister roars “You cannot hide the truth from me I know what's in your heart, greed and jealousy each equal, all your days now dark.”

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