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With his trusty and ever present Black Widow Tattooed Gretsch Anniversary at his side Shelby is a guitar slinger in a similar vein and caliber of yesterday’s rockabilly guitarist while infusing a modern dose of Punk, Surf and classic Rock ‘N Roll into the mix. Cutting his teeth musically with a variety of Rock, Punk, Blues and Rockabilly bands over the years, he has added his formidable arsenal of licks and riffs to the lineup of The Chop Tops, where he has resided now for several years. Shredding strings and stages across the world, 230 days a year. He and the band bring their blistering brand of Revved-Up Rockabilly to the faithful and the newly converted. Shelby fires off notes with the style, grace and the purpose of a Colt .45 spun out of the holster of a gunfighter out for personal vengeance, along with the shuddering impact of a Thompson submachine gun at full tilt. Be it a scorching surf lead, jumping walk ups, or a vibrato-shaken minor chord drenched with reverb and emotion. Shelby does it all while making it look so damn easy! He may as well have a Jack and Coke in one hand and a smoke in the other but then he wouldn't be caressing the neck of partner in crime and coaxing those sounds out that make him one of today's premier guitar players. Check out The Chop Tops 5th and latest release ‘Deadly Love’ and you just might agree.
- Sean McCourt 2011



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