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A California native, Stef Burns started his first band when he was just 9 years old. Throughout his career, Stef has played and/or recorded with Jesse Colin Young, Pablo Cruise, Sheila E., Berlin, Michael Bolton, Y&T, Sadao Watanabe and Alice Cooper. In 1996, Stef became the guitarist for Italian superstar Vasco Rossi, and has been recording and touring with him ever since. During Vasco Rossi’s down-time, Stef also tours with Huey Lewis and the News and his solo project, Stef Burns League.

For more information, please visit www.stefburns.com.

“I’ve always used Jim Dunlop nylon picks, and recently switched over to Max Grip. I love the tone of nylon and the grip makes it better," says Stef. “I’ve been using Dunlop Strings since Dunlop first started making them. They’re perfect. They have long life, strong attack, powerful midrange and a very full sound. And I have four pedalboards for different uses—clinics, Vasco Rossi, my solo projects—and the MXR Super Badass Distortion is on every board. I used it recently with Huey Lewis and it was perfect for those hard rock tones. It’s my number one pedal for solos and crunch guitar. Makes my Fenders sound like Marshalls when I need it.”

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