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Steve Jenkins is part of the new wave of modern electric bass players. In addition to his mind-blowing technical prowess, his musicianship has allowed him to fit into a diverse range of musical situations that have run the gamut from face-melting prog-metal to experimental microtonal jazz-funk to dubbed-out electronica bass lines to classic sounding R&B grooves—sometimes all within the framework of one song. He also has a strong grasp of using effects and technology, which makes him a true sonic force to be reckoned with. Whether playing as a sideman, a band leader, or a solo artist, Steve is known for his solid groove, creative use of cutting-edge effects and textures, melodic and virtuosic solos, and mastery of different tones and techniques for any given musical situation. All of these elements can be heard on his latest album, Steve Jenkins And The Coaxial Flutter. Steve's resume of recording, touring, and performance includes Vernon Reid, Screaming Headless Torsos, David Fiuczynski's KIF, Cindy Blackman, DJ Logic, Adam Deitch, John Shannon, Gene Lake, Thomas Pridgen and many others.

Learn more about Steve Jenkins at SteveJenkinsbass.com, connect with him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and BandCamp.

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