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“The MXR Super Baddass Distortion is the best distortion pedal I have heard, hands down. The versatility in sound at a slight change of the distortion level allows me to get a twangy, slightly-overdriven Strat tone for my solo music, a full pop-punk sound for playing with Candy Hearts, or a full wall-of-sound for progressive rock band Helicopria. The MXR Custom Comp adds an extra layer of sparkle to my clean tones, and smoothes out my distortion sound perfectly – it brings my personal style and tone to the next level. The Echo-Puss offers a beautiful analog delay for my leads, with the very important option of how much modulation to add to the feedback.”

Learn more about Sulene at http://www.candyheartsband.com, connect with her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and YouTube.

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