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Susie Brown, the lead singer of the country music duo the JaneDear girls, is an all-around American girl. Growing up in the mountain west, she started playing her fiddle at the tender age of 4. After high school she made the move to Nashville, and soon picked up work as a backup singer and instrumentalist for various artists including Trisha Yearwood. She can't remember a time she wasn't pickin', pluckin' or strummin'. She plays five instruments, including the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass and accordion. Susie co-wrote the first single "Wildflower" which peaked at #15 on the Billboard Country Charts, and also is accredited for earning two ACM Nominations and a CMT Nomination for best Duo video of the year. In the fall of 2010 the girls launched a weekly blog series titled "My Favorite Things" (youtube.com/thejanedeargirls) that gives fans an inside peak into the lives of the JaneDear girls.

To connect with the JaneDear girls, go to facebook.com/thejanedeargirls or thejanedeargirls.com

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