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Vaja debuted her new single & world premiere music video, “We Found Love,” on August 28th, 2013. Written and produced by Vaja, Parlange Jesus & Eduardo Moises, co-produced by Dapper and mastered by Misjah van der Heiden of 24Mastering (Netherlands), “We Found Love” is one of five new tracks included on her second EP Inertia, which will be released in early 2014 and will feature collaborations with Katipzade and other established Artistʼs & Producers. 

Vaja’s unique style of sound elevates her into a category all of its own. A hybrid of electronic dance music with melodic guitar sounds, she captures the essence of electronic etherealism in her music. Vaja's new sound is EDM/Alternative Dance. “We Found Love” is now playing on YouTube:  www.youtube.com/vajamusic.com.

Learn more about Vaja at VajaMusic.com.

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