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In honor of Zakk Wylde’s recent Golden Gods Award for the “Best Guitarist of 2010” from Revolver Magazine, we’ve compiled the best of his signature gear and are offering you the chance to win it in our Ultimate Zakk Wylde Gear Pack give away. Simply enter for your chance to win the grand prize of:

Presented by Dunlop with gear contributed by Epiphone , EMG, and Coffin Case.

Check out Zakk’s brand new site where he talks about his recent completion of the Black Label Bunker home studio project and his preparation for a brand new Black Label Society album out this summer.

Winners will be contacted by email and also announced on our Facebook Page

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Contest ends June 1st 2010




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  • Chris

    Ok thats awesome!

  • Nick


  • bbigmike

    hell yes got to win these no doubt i need these

  • sweet! let me know when i win!!!

  • geenyuss


  • Simon

    Please… dunlop… I have been faithful… now bestow thou awesome gift to my hands.

  • The lottery was a bust, but I feel good about this one! PS love the gear!!!

  • Saaweeet! I want to shred like Zakk please let me win this gear. I never miss a Black Label show when they come to Detroit.cant wait for the new album.

  • Mike Fox

    Nice very Nice, Come to me ALL Mighty DUNLOP GEAR.

  • Jesse Jimenez

    Awesome! price it must have, hope I win. Rock on!!!

  • bjørn

    Nice pack !

  • michael

    ohhhh this could be so awesome!!!

  • Kyle Hicks

    ZOMG, my favorite guitarist ever! There’s going to be a bullseye on my chest for this gear to target me!

  • JTB

    Phase 90 is still the greatest through the Fender pre CBS Baseman.

  • joonatan

    totally rocks!

  • Christophe

    i’v contributed on the contest, but i had to select a state, but i live in europe (belgium) so i don’t have to select a state normally… but i coulnd’t submit otherwise

  • Von

    Fuk’n A man!!!

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  • Cody

    Dunlop are you guys in my head ? you managed to put everything i dreamt of having in this sweet package . who ever wins this will have been blessed by the metal gods them selves . good luck everyone .

  • Dave Oliphant

    I’m trying to enter the comp, but cannot get past the answer required for STATE—-I’m in Australia, and you only have US A states listed—Is the comp restricted to USA only ?
    I’m a regular subscriber to the newsletter.

  • Joshua

    have been a Huge zakk fan since he joined OZZYS band in 88!!!! have owned everything zakk has put out music wise ! and would die a very happy man if i EVER WON SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!!!!! BLS For LIFE!!!!!

  • Luke

    bad ass ,kick ass ,in yer face ,

  • Red Dog

    Pretty SWEET Package,But How bout puttin a Zak Wylde Gibson V in there instead,that would be SICK.

  • Red Dog

    OZZY RULES !!!!

  • Craig


  • robert

    This is ex-ZAKK-ly the kind of prize I could use.

  • Brad Braffett

    Awesome Possum!!!

  • Bev Sayers

    WOW. What awesome prizes, thanks DUNLOP

  • intrudor

    It will be like the christmas I never had to get these and I’ll be smiling like a child.

  • Julie Sherrill

    I could really put this to some good use! Cool idea!!!

  • I have always found Dunlops gear performs well and holds up to heavey use.

  • Alex Price

    Oh please Dunlop, cast your mighty hands upon my soul!!!

  • Good morning. I have a musical instruments shop in Greece and particularly in Kavala and are interested send me a price list to make a purchase.

  • i need the gear very badly good thing put more than just one email

  • amoray

    ends tomorrow!
    *fingers crossed*

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I’m burying myself with these in my KISS Casket.

  • D

    so did anyone win?

  • Yeah Armando Padilla won! I’ll put 2gether a quick demo when it arrives. Cheers!

  • dude gotta get this shit really need it

  • Devin Tovar

    dude who won ?!?!? I need new equipment and besides man my band and i are waiting Also