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According to the July issue of Guitar World Magazine’s article “Mass Effect: The Top 50 Stomp Boxes, Devices and processors of all time,” Dunlop has placed 8 pedals out of 50 in the list, making us the most represented out of any one single manufacturer. The list was based on a mix of popularity, originality, and influence. We’ve attached the whole article at the bottom (from order of rank), but if you want to get right to the goods you can just check out the list below.

2. Crybaby GCB95: “The design has changed over the years, but the emotive, vocal-like sound of a Cry Baby wah has never gone out of style”

4. MXR Phase 90: “… a crucial element of Eddie Van Halen’s classic brown sound”

7. MXR Dyna Comp: “… has long been the secret weapon of many Nashville guitarist”

24. MXR Carbon Copy: “… many guitarists consider it the finest analog delay ever made”

27. MXR Flanger: “… one of the best flanger pedals money can buy”

28. Fuzzface: “… a legend mainly due to the prominent role it played in shaping Jimi Hendrix’s distorted guitar tone”

29. Uni-Vibe: “another crucial element of the Jimi Hendrix sound”

46. Talk Box: “…allowed guitarists to use their vocal cavity to shape sounds”

Guitar World “Mass Effect: Top 50 stompbox pedals of all time”



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