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We got a GREAT Friday giveaway for you diehard vintage MXR fans out there. This week we’re giving away a vintage reissue of a Distortion +, that classic early ’80s hard rock sound. You won’t find this bad boy in stores because it’s still in pre-production! This is a special model that was meticulously spec’d, and recreated—hand-wired by one of our engineers. MXR Vintage fans – complete the vintage family before everybody else! Generally speaking we usually restrict our giveaways to USA only, but because this giveaways so rad we’re going to open it up to the world. Click here for more info on our modern day MXR Distortion +.


All you have to do to enter is comment in the comment section below with your favorite MXR pedal. Winners are selected at random, one entry per person. Winners will be contact via email so be sure to leave a valid email address where we can contact you. Please adhere to the official rules of our site.


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  • <3 i would die for this.

  • Randy Rules!!!

  • Sugapablo

    OOOH…I’ll take one, please!

  • chris


  • Annunaki_420

    distortion plus is my fav

  • Nhrafan199

    I need this! i need a new distortion sound

  • The MXR Phase 90 is great!!

  • Chiefkaya

    Still love the Phase 90!

  • John

    I want this!

  • Matt

    Can’t go wrong with MXR. I would love to own this pedal!

  • Stormleader42

    I think my favorite MXR pedal has to be the MXRCAE Wah pedal.

  • Nick

    This is so cool!! 🙂

  • Jake

    I love the Micro Flanger!

  • MXR PHASE 90

  • Dbmayne

    WIN! WIN! WIN!

  • I could really use this pedal as the gain on my amp is worthless. I have always liked the MXR distortion pedals.

  • That was my first ever distortion pedal. My all time favorite has to be the rackmount Flanger/Doubler. I wish you guys would start making THOSE again!

  • I Would Just Crank it Up, Have a Beer and a Kickass time with this pedal in My Set haha

  • Celtichavoc07

    I WANT! Randy rules and I need to add to my vintage sound

  • phase 90

  • Corey Davis


  • nothing like the smell of fresh solder and a newly completed circuitboard

  • This WILL be my first I’m gonna get! :O)

  • Favorite? That’s a hard one. I have a ’79 Phase 45 that I love to death.

  • This pretty much sums it up here


  • Krismael

    Awesome!!! This is a jewel and i want it!

  • I love the MXR STEREO TREMOLO.

  • NathanB

    Blow Torch Distortion takes the cake for me.

  • Mitch

    this is great. I need some variety to my sound. this is perfect and awesome

  • Xinpire2

    carbon copy is the best but not as good as the distortion

  • Robert Combs

    i’ve never had an mxr, but i think winning this one would be a damn good start!!!

  • Tstaples

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Anonymous

    Custom Comp

  • THIS is my new favorite MXR pedal!

  • Blizzardpearl


  • Sugapablo

    Carbon Copy is my fav. So far…. 🙂


  • Phase 90!

  • Fan Halen

    Since I perform in a Van Halen tribute band ( of course my favorite MXR pedal is the EVH Phase 90!! Of course I own an original orange “script” model as well 🙂

  • Sweet Pedal!!!

  • Ahmadalkowni

    i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That would be the MicroAmp. Carbon Copy is a close second.

  • love that “hand built by guitar players” is printed on the circuit board…

  • Luxury Butter!

  • Beautiful pedal would love to have it, thanks for the opportunity

  • Goochink

    Dunlop rocks & I could rock out with this pedal

  • PLS 2 HAZ. K THX BYE. :o)

  • Aaron

    i’m loving the gt-od! this looks damn good too!

  • BB

    Handbuilt? Awesome!

  • Brent

    I played one of these years ago… my favorite!

  • I need this to replace my broken distortion+ ABSOLUTELY classic distortion!!!

  • Randy Rhoads lives!

  • Wyzt

    Phase 90

  • Bozh nenkov

    Love it.

  • Randy was truely one of the greats of the guitar playing world. This pedal would be an honour to have. To sound like Rhoads would be truely unspeakably amazing,

  • Yup. That’s it. I gotta get it. m/

  • Yup. That’s it. I gotta get it. m/

  • Awesome looking pedal, as is every MXR pedal! Awesome sounds

  • Murderu

    Dunlop products are the best.

  • Kevin Griner

    Wow! I had one of these way back in the 70’s! MXR has great effect pedals and even in my current rig I have a few!

  • Lynn Burns

    Phase 90 of coarse….but would love one of these to compliment it

  • Ryan Williams

    Im a Rhoads fan!!

  • That would be an amazing addition to my pedal board.

  • I tried building one at home.. almost accomplished it.. dunno which corner of the house its in now. Awesome pedal.. pure and simple!

  • Stratman40


  • this thing looks sweet

  • Phase 90 – best phase EVER

  • Norm

    I’d plug it in next to my Carbon Copy…….

  • Simply awersome!

  • jim dunlop, I would like to be the winner.

  • Stelios Fil

    EVH Flanger!

  • Ben

    I would love to win this.

  • I have the block lettered version from the 80’s…very good!

  • touron

    phase 90

  • My favorite MXR pedal is the Variphase – it needs to make a comeback so I can get one! It’s a slick combo of a Rotovibe and a Phase 90. It’d be cool to run it with the script Distortion+. Psychedelicious!

  • Phase 90 is great. Would love one of these, though.

  • Wade Morales

    Sweet!!!!!!! I wish we could have seen what kind of a player Randy Rhoads would have become.

  • Rdools

    Don’t have one yet but would love to try one out….

  • Brody Felix

    That is one awesome pedal. Such a great tone for rock and metal. I use a lot of MXR pedals (that I borrow from my bud because I lack money to buy these kick-ass pedals) but my all time favorite is the Zakk Wylde ZW-44 Overdrive. I love this thing. When I need bite for any hard reock or metal solo I stomp on this thing and BAM! instant solo power and I love the tone it adds. Thank you MXR for this awesome pedal!

  • Tom Brown

    I’d like to endorse this product? Tom Brown – Pensive Fear & Sunset Strip

  • jake charvette

    MXR Flanger M117

  • Willie Gee

    I used to have one of these – got it along with a Fender Twin…my first REAL amp and pedal combo! When I got my first 1/2 stack years later, I gave my Distortion + to a friend. I thought I’d not need it any longer. Yet another foolish mistake of my youth! Since I can’t get that one back, maybe I can have THIS one? Heh.

  • Steve Parish

    my favorite guitar players….and his favorite distortion box… yes

  • Lo Joe Guid

    Fullbore Metal!

  • mxr carbon copy for sure. warm analog delay.

  • Alan

    I want it

  • :D:D:D:D:D:D

  • :D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Surfsidesound

    This sounds great through ANY amp! I carry one in my gig bag at all times.

  • Surfsidesound

    This sounds great through ANY amp! I carry one in my gig bag at all times.

  • Jason

    I love the old mxr phase 90 awsome tone and a legend of a pedal.

  • Ruben Villalobos

    i wanna hear this with my ’72 superlead

  • Wcbattman

    it will be my favorite, when i win it…………

  • Nice! Love to own one.

  • Dan Medrano

    7 resistors+ 2 diodes+ 6 capacitors+ 1integrated circuit= RRRAAAWWWKKK!!

  • kick ass

  • Beautiful, very nicely made

  • Jurassicmike

    I gotta go with the Distortion + if that helped Randy Rhoades’ phenomenal sound.. no doubt there was a lot of HEART there,too..

  • Steve Mavronis

    My favorite MXR pedal is the classic 80’s sounds of the script era Distortion+ made famous by such artists as the late great Randy Rhoads!

  • Phase 90

  • cstrife

    Fav mxr pedal is MXR M-108 Ten Band Graphic EQ

  • MXR M-102 Dyna Comp Compressor pedal

  • 1234joeyramone

    and then i JIZZED IN MY PANTS!

  • The Randy Rhoades box!

  • Chadzillapunx

    i want12!

  • MXR Phase 90!

  • Would love this pedal!

  • 0_o

  • Sj1172

    EVH!!! Everybody NEEDS SOOOOME!!!!!

  • Sunnyboi619

    Phase 90

  • Fav. Pedal: The MXR DD-11. Email:

  • Dann

    Yes Please!

  • Beshmonger

    Hard to pick just one!! I’ll go Carbon Copy for now.

  • James2612


  • DD11 MXR Dime Distortion, hook that up to my Dean Explosion Razorback and get that high output and pretty much can pinch any note

  • RIP Randy. One of the greatest guitar innovators of all time.

  • Carbon Copy

  • Moofooga

    MXR makes some good stuff. I still have my original Dyna Comp pedal, which totally rocks. Can’t wait to hear the Distortion+ in action…

  • Coward1229

    I WIN!!!!!

  • Phase 90

  • wayne goyette

    love Randy,please let me win

  • randdy rhoads is a god and i would love to have his sound … thanks for the oppertonity dunlop

  • SidSanchez

    Yeah. Thats really nice

  • mxr super comp.

  • Carbon Copy

  • Rich Snyder

    Bass Octave Deluxe

  • Rbrenne

    M 104 MXR Distortion is so boss.

  • Lilshel727

    not really sure of my favorite because I’v never used one but i guess it would be just a classic MXR distortion.

  • pasty

    carbon copy. lemme get this!

  • Gary Sanders

    MXR DISTORTION+ !!!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!!!!!! GIMME THAT PEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KingDBoi88

    Carbon Copy

  • Guitardude81597

    The KFK 10 band eq!

  • Matt Dunn4

    I love it! This is a great pedal. I just don’t have the money to buy one. 😛

  • Carbon Copy for sure

  • KJ Lenn

    Looks like a neat little pedal – I own a dynacomp and a phase 90 and I love them both – would love to add this to the pedalboard!

  • Maiden 93

    Oh totally this… I’ve been looking for one of these ever since I become a Rhoad-y… By far my favorite pedal by you guys… After this, I like the Smart Gate and the Carbon Copy… Randy was a Dunlop/MXR guy, so am I!

  • Mark

    I would start my mornings with Diary of a Madman album when this album came out. Randy Rhoads was unbelievable!

  • Gavinmacneil

    comment here. 🙂

  • Want!

  • can’t wait to hear one of these

  • cc327

    Wow that is just beautiful. The color, the hand wiring. I bet it sounds amazing.

  • DD11 MXR Dime Distortion, hellyeah.

  • Detoxx23

    <<<<<<<<<comeent overthere,,/

  • Jon

    The MXR Carbon Copy is my first choice of all the available delay pedals. This pedal would be a great companion.

  • Phase 90!!!

  • ShowalterBLS

    Killer, must have!

  • Schrobi


  • Granterc

    Carbon Copy
    Carbon Copy

  • majorjoe

    that looks more fun to play with than my girlfriend 😛



  • Christopher

    Carbon Copy!

  • Christopher

    Carbon Copy!

  • The Vintage MXR Distortion + Reissue is definitely my favorite pedal! It even looks awesome.

  • Benjccollins1983

    carbon copy.

  • DjayScott

    Just got the Green Rhino and loved it! Add another to my Dunlop powered board!

  • bogie

    looks good. can’t wait to try it.

  • MXR Carbon Copy!!!!!!!!!!! would pair up well with some vintage distortion 😉 oh baby!

  • Haven’t tried them all, so it’s hard to pick a favorite… but my favorite so far is probably the Carbon Copy.

  • Corey

    The Blue Box!

  • would be nice to find in stores, if I could get sales help

  • I like the mxr stereo chorus.

  • Robert

    I love my GT-OD Overdrive!!!

  • Cmills

    HEXE Bitcrusher!

  • Nicolasdavid26

    MXR PHASE 90

  • DynaComp!

  • Levi

    MXR Carbon Copy

  • Robertwagaman

    Gosh, I remember these. By best friend had one!!!

  • Fitzty

    EVH Flanger! id love to see how that sounds with this!

  • MXR Wylde Overdrive is my favourite!

  • Pmacsd

    i want this more than sex with kate middleton.

  • Pmacsd

    oh yeah. da comp.

  • Chad

    MXR Carbon Copy

  • TheSquike

    I need I need I want I want

  • Phase 90 for sure!

  • axeGrinder


  • MXR phase 90!!

  • Just Tl

    MXR Carbon Copy!

  • Anonymous

    yes i’ll take one

  • Bradley Baker

    I have a Marshall Vintage/Modern amp but the distortion that an MXR pedal gives is what makes it rock!

  • Bmulleda

    MXR distortion+

  • Philmalia

    Theres a pedal i would love to own!

  • Tellison

    MXR Stereo Chorus

  • Megadethfinatic97

    MXR ’78 Distortion

  • Dreyke

    Ahhh I really want this!!

  • Fatherof2boys2010

    Man, I had the original for years….Love a new one now!!

  • Darren

    nice 🙂

  • Me

    looks sweet

  • Fatherof2boys2010

    I had the original for years…lost it. Man, I need a new one and this one looks awesome!! Thanks!

  • I need this to live

  • There are some many good MXR, I will go with the Carbon Copy and would really love to win the Vintage MXR Distortion +…

  • Obiwankenobijedi

    I love prototypes they are my favorite…and you can never have to many distortion pedals!!!

  • andrew

    wylde chorus, ftw

  • Anonymous

    Blue Box!

  • Megadethfinatic97

    i mean Custom Bad ass ’78 Distortion

  • Jwaterfield

    Love the Dist+, but I’d say the Carbon Copy is MXR’s best so far.

  • the mxr blue box is awesome one of a kind! love it

  • joshua chaulklin


  • Keyboardcole

    Now THAT is one classy pedal.

  • Syzygymike

    My first MXR was the Phase 90. Used it for 15 years, before it was stolen. Still love my dyna comp and graphic eq!

  • MXR MC402

  • Dogboyv

    more distortion

  • Nfsonic

    I miss my distortion pedal!?! This one look ideal!!!

  • I’ve been a life long fan of the MXR Distortion +!

  • Sean_burgess

    Nice and simple

  • Nicholas

    Awesome pedal.

  • Tony Rhoads

    oh my god –IN FULL NUDITY!!

  • bubbletea132

    MXR Flanger M117R.

  • Strokes1970

    MXR micro amp ftw! awesome pedals. It gets along w/ any pedal.

  • MXR Distortion + is my favorite. I like the Randy Rhoads sound. I would like a vintage one.

  • Haydeo Smith

    If I don’t win, can I at least have that tortex pick, and maybe one of the knobs?

  • Vlad Holiday

    One of my favorite MXR pedals is the Blue Box Octave Fuzz

  • Gianluca Mazzarolo

    MXR Phase 90 Vintage Custom w/Led

  • Gimme!!!

  • Good lookin’ pedal!

  • Keshivadas

    I really don’t have a favorite MXR…..theyre all great pedals

  • I’m having a really shitty day. Please send me one?

  • Dyna Comp is great!

  • My MXR M-108 10 band graphic EQ will likely never leave my rig.

  • richocast

    Looking for one to use with my Blackstar HT-1R. This might be it, especially if its free!

  • Gatchaman

    One yellow brick Rhodes, please!

  • Ernie

    Phase 90

  • caseface


  • Dermglass

    Love them all, but the MXR that did the most for my tone was suprisingly the Six band EQ. Kept it on all the time.

  • can i maybe just have one of those please:)

  • Bill

    For the love of all that is Holy, I am 100% certain that I NEED that pedal, please!!

    Come on………?


  • Bill

    For the love of all that is Holy, I am 100% certain that I NEED that pedal, please!!

    Come on………?


    My current favourite MXR pedal is the fullbore.

  • oh and ah fullbore metal very nice

  • ray miller

    the first pedal i ever owned with a fender 64 jag and a band master 2 15 bottom rock and roll

  • Jeffrey

    I hope i win, thank you dunlop for this opportunity.

  • Atomic6120



  • jsepi335


  • CJPolitzki

    I’ve got a Phase 90 that just rocks!

  • sweet

  • Unbeatable tone, only from MXR

  • Vhladd

    MXR Carbon Copy!

  • Nate

    I love my MXR Classic Overdrive

  • jethroz99

    I’m In!


  • derrtbull

    Cry Baby

  • Jeff Tyson

    I’m gonna need me a little taste

  • Jason K


  • Peckwilliama

    My favorite thus far has been the carbon copy, but I haven’t gotten to try the distortion + yet. So I’d love to get this one!

  • dave


  • Carbon Copy!!

  • Randy


    • Randy

      I thought the Dyna-Comp was pretty cool….

  • Wve359

    I love to have that one used distoration + always years ago, I’ve been using distoration III GREAT UNIT!

  • Leif Myrberg

    please say I won. I’ll give a big sloppy smooch.

  • I bought the Blue Box and Phase 90 Script logo,bud box versions when they came out back when I was a kid.
    Still have the Phase 90.

  • Stanton

    I need this!!

  • dEthgar

    This is awesome! Distortion + rules. Distortion + is my favorite MXR pedal. I can’t have enough of that RR sound.

  • Paulo6214

    micro chorus

  • A classic pedal used by a classic and timeless player. A great addition to any rig.

  • Bristojet


  • Luke H.

    Alright!!! MXR!!!

  • Sweet! 😀

  • Anonymous


  • James

    Just recently bought the MXR GT-OD. It’s awsome.Great pedals

  • Lespaul2

    I love my MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay pedal, it’s killer!

  • Kenneth Lundberg

    My favorite MXR is the 3-band graphic EQ.

  • StorMand64

    Looks awesome! I need this! So, I need to win. 🙂

  • i want that pedal! 🙂

  • yeaa that DIst+ Rocks!

  • Christianram96

    MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal is the shiiiiiit!

  • Gary

    MXR fx pedals are the best. Got my Dyna Comp after figuring out what Gordon Kennedy was playing through on the Susan Ashton albums. One of my favorite guitar tones recorded. Good example is the song “I go down” off of Ashtons first solo Cd. I would love to fly the new distortion!!!

  • David

    if there is a god please send me one !!! MXR ROCKS!!!!

  • My ’76 Vintage Dyna Comp

  • Andrew

    I like my blue box of death

  • Frank

    MXR GT-OD. Love it.

  • Danielrobbyshor

    Dyna-comp, phase 90 and 10 band GEQ, yeah!

  • Alan Arizpe

    I personally LOVE the Dyna-Comp. It gives my cleans a funky pop, or a chimy overtone. Crank up the distortion and it makes my guitar sing for days. Great job guys.

  • Joe

    Just what i need to send me over the mountain!

  • Tripleb_2001

    MXR Flanger! please do a custom shop vintage reissue version of it!!!!!!!!!

  • Bear

    M118 Delay. If only the SAD chips were still around.

  • Phoxlegend24

    MXR EVH Flanger! i love having mxr pedals in my rig!

  • Jslevira

    Love it!

  • Gitarzz1

    Classic Distortion!! luvitluvitluvitluvitluvitluv… IT!!

  • Alteredmindset

    1)True bypass, 2)Noise Gate, 3)Better tonality, 4)Smaller size…way more in depth than a boss,

  • theplagueyear


  • microchorus for sure!

  • Shane

    phase 90 😀

  • Schweeeet !

  • My favorite MXR pedal would be the fullbore metal, metal distortion with mid scoop and noise gate? AWESOME!

  • Velofog

    I love all their pedals

  • Stephen Smith

    I love my MXR Micro Flanger. Such wicked tone from a simple pedal.

  • Love it!

  • this awesome shit look easy to make is it?

  • this is awesome!! is it easy to make?

  • Guitarplaya1234

    MXR Distortion III for sure

  • Lundgrenl

    My favorite mxr pedal was a phase 100, that I never should have sold!

  • Flanger

  • Ltwilson03

    MXR 10 band eq

  • ezekielthemute

    carbon copy.

  • BlazenZim

    10 band eq

  • citson

    Phase 90!!!

  • Rtmd30

    It’s a tough call, but I had the original distortion plus for many years, and it was good, but I’m going with my original Phase 100.

  • Tomvanko

    MXR 10 band eq

  • Chris-pitt

    Thats a tough one cuz I love all of mine. If I had to choose I guess my EVH Phase 90.

  • Brian G.

    Sex in pedal form


  • Montethebeast

    I’m just getting back into the guitar and dont have any yet.

  • Mike

    MXR EVH Phase 90!

  • mxr phase 90, its basically the best phase pedal ever made in the tri universe.

  • theFaf

    A Distortion + was my first pedal. I look forward to hearing this new (old) pedal. 🙂

  • Room207

    The Dyna Comp squishes the living daylights of the notes and refuse them into the funk i play. Mad.

  • david mcgrath

    I love the simplicity/never go wrong excellence of the MXR Phase 60 pedal.

  • B-peacock


  • Abdiel_perez941

    Carbon Copy delay

  • Jables

    Love the Phase 90!

  • MG

    MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive Pedal along with the MXR M-108 10 Band Eq!!!

  • Skun

    Fullbore metal of course:)
    There isn’t anything,which is harder and more powerful than this distortion!

  • Longbob

    carbon copy

  • Bassplaya

    This looks really awesome!

  • amazing

  • Rednaxela_b

    My old school script phase 90

  • Fred

    6-Band eq, can’t live without that one!

  • Delioglan

    Definitely the MXR M108 10 Band EQ, my favourite for all times.

  • Hugo

    GT-OD the best overdrive !

  • Vintage Distortion +? Yes, please. It makes me think of a different famous player, though.

  • Ross

    EVH Phase 90. Modern AND Script?!?!

  • MXR Phase 90

  • Lawsy

    MXR Phase 90 script logo.

  • Alex

    Eddie Van Halen Phase 90. Classic.

  • lysaagata

    Great one and nice yellow colour!

  • Dynacomp!!!!

  • Lou Remondelli

    Stomp boxes are just stomp boxes, but not when your plugged into an MXR !
    “Feel the difference !”

  • MXR Phase 90

  • MXR

    I don’t have a fovourite mxr pedal, I love ALL the MXR pedals !

  • Gran_wiezel

    MXR M-103 Blue Box

  • Toxic

    EVH Phase 90

  • MXR GT-OD Overdrive = AWESOME 😀

  • Quentin

    Phase 90 is the best phaser ever.
    I use and abuse that great pedal!

  • MXR Distortion III !!

  • MXR Phase 90 rox

  • Alberto

    Fullbore metal. With this pedal (and my Ibanez) my amp sounds like HELL.

  • Solomik

    MXR Distortion +

  • stereo chorus, cae boost overdrive and dyna comp!! but I think all mxr pedals are great!!

  • stereo chorus, cae boost overdrive and dyna comp!! but I think all mxr pedals are great!!

  • Yes, please!!!

  • Peter Jancke

    Edv Flanger

  • Baztek22

    This pedal looks immense! Phase 90 is always amazing, would love to try mxr distortion though!:)

  • Phase 90!!

  • I love how “chewy” the Phase 90 is. Cchhhheeeoooowwwwwwsssshhhhheeeeooooowwwww. #PedalOnomatopoeia

  • Michael93

    I think I’ll go for another Randy Rhoads pedal, the Stereo Chorus 😀

  • Tiago

    Carbon Copy Analog Delay
    that’s the best in my opinion…

  • MXR M-108 Ten Band Graphic EQ, a tone sculpting monster!

  • Pleadguitar

    mxr kfk 10 band eq is my favourite pedal

  • Anonymous

    carbon copyyyyyy!!

  • Pedro Alves

    Make World Wide Giveaways! Anyway, excellent giveaway this week

  • Trektrekbr

    ZW44 Wylde Overdrive

  • BrianMc

    Phase 90

  • MXR Micro Flanger

  • EVH Phase 90

  • Skinal

    Carbon copy!

  • Ravennoir

    Wylde overdrive of course

  • Playerste

    My Favourite MXR pedal is “Custom Badass ’78 Distortion”…
    Love It <3

  • Tyler

    A vintage Distortion + would be sweet!!! =D

  • Tom


  • B

    Smart Gate is the best!

  • boss hoss

    oh yeah

  • Draxsoimy

    Would make a wonderful solo boost for my jcm800!

  • Jtait

    I’ve had the worst luck with every MXR pedal I’ve tried so I kinda gave up on em’

  • Alexander Cole

    I’m a big fan of the MXR Carbon Copy.

  • Phase 90

  • Guitar

    carbon copy carbon copy

  • Dave Kennedy

    MXR Noise Clamp

  • Gtr1ab

    MXR Dyna Comp

  • Foppstar

    Love every vintage MXR pedal, but this one is super sweet! Love to have one of these yellow boxes!

  • Djo_666

    EVH phase 90

  • My friend’s Carbon Copy!

  • Favorite MXR box? Carbon Copy.

  • Mik93

    PHASE 90

  • Mcruscio

    Phase 90 all the way!

  • Curmudgeon

    Carbon Copy!!

  • Jakub Pysz

    Phase 90, ftw!

  • Mike

    phase 90 !!!

  • gb8

    love love love Carbon Copy!!

  • Jaymzgordon

    This one… 🙂

  • PT

    Want 😀

  • ChefHell

    a quality pedal , that delivers

  • Casey

    Wow – that’s cool, hope I win! I think my fave is a classic: the Phase 90. When you are one everybody makes digital models of, you have something!

  • PaulF

    Carbon Copy would be my favourite 🙂

  • HugoBacelar

    MXR Carbon Copy!

  • EVH Phaser my best!

  • EVH Phaser my best!

  • Extremster

    my favorite is EVH flanger

  • Ehuddana

    EVH flanger

  • Jimi_cunning

    MXR rocks – great metal tones & wah’s (loved my basic wah and Hendrix wah) are my favorites of thiers.

    But for simple logistical benefits, I switched to one of those floor guitar processors so many of us use. ..imagine an MXR multi-effects pedal with wah of some sort on it… …might just be a real smart product to come out with in the near future…


  • Hrbeltz

    I Want!!!!!

  • Digiadaamore

    yes please

  • My MXR Phase 90 is one of my favorite pedals, but if it were up to me I would make a few changes. The trim pot inside – why hide this away? This trim pot has such a profound effect on the sound, it really should be a control accessible from the outside of the unit. I drilled a hole in the case so I can adjust it without taking the whole pedal apart, which brings me to my other suggestion – battery cover you can open without tools. Of course this pedal would be a different enough beast from the standard Phase 90 that it would make sense to house it in a different enclosure – why not an expression pedal? But then, if you have that, you could make the sweep of the expression pedal alter the speed of the effect – or switch it so that the amount of phase is proportional to the sweep, sort of like a wah pedal. Would you do this? I’ll buy it!

  • MXR’s are soooooo cool.

  • the variphase is my favorite to bad its not made anymore

  • MXR Fullbore metal!!! m/
    Great sound, great flexibility and a usable and adjustable noise gate, not to mention a true bypass and a small size.
    What more could a metal head like me want? 😛

  • Roshan Vidyashankar

    Has to be the MXR Dyna Comp Compresser

  • KOtto

    The ’76 Vintage Dyna Comp is my favorite of the many MXR pedals I have. 🙂

  • Phase 90!! Even the original is cleaner, lusher, and streamlined than any other phaser ever produced!

  • MindDump

    MXR Distortion + puts me in the Tone Zone! Yeah!

  • Phil Holden

    carbon copy

  • Classic 108 Fuzz..

  • N Pohlmann

    This will Be a Great Pedal. Next to my Favourite Zakk Overdrive.

  • Rusty Griswold

    I have fond memories of the distortion+, flanger and dyna comp. I got them all for Christmas in 1982. Good times.

  • LOVE DUNLOP! LOVE MXR!!!! I NEED THIS PEDAL!!! can I get a sponsorship too please thanks! Check out my two bands

  • The MXR ‘micro amp’! 🙂

  • The MXR ‘micro amp’! 🙂

  • David

    Definitely the EVH Flanger

  • MXR Distortion III

  • rr

    GT-OD overdrive

  • Too late? Hope not!

  • Right now it’s gotta be the Micro Flanger.

  • gpone

    distortion +

  • Jackson

    Love my DynaComp for country picking.

  • Jrbowen81

    I NEED THIS!!!!

  • Rock

    The Kerry King graphic eq

  • mutbrain

    Phase 90, the one and only, the best.

  • Andy

    The Fullbore Metal has to be my favourite at the moment. Looking forward to trying out the new vintage distortion…

  • Jzbass25

    Oh man it is such a hard choice but I really love the EVH Phaser and also the Carbon Copy. The EVH phase is a staple of many great rigs, even when people own axe-fx’s or tc units you see them with an evh phaser on their boards.

  • Ronald Huygen

    MXR distortion III is my favorite cause the sound is so easy adjustable and it always gives you the feling your in control of your sound.

  • David Alvarez

    Love my ZW38 Black Label Chorus. Changed my sound forever.

  • DarkArrow

    EVH Flanger of course!!

  • Drew

    Definitely love the Distortion +…it is my most used pedal

  • Le Bourhis Rémi

    Fullbore Metal is the first that comes to my mind !

  • Anonymous

    it HAS to be THEE EVH flanger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock, oh, no you make us rock!!!!

  • Joe

    I like the super comp as a good character compressor.

  • Bkjamin

    Got the mxr evh phaser. I like it alot. You can use it as a phaser (like Eddie) or more like a tremelo.

  • Hmm. I’d have to say the MXR Double Shot Distortion, cos it’s got tons of knobs.

  • Dsrphoto

    Ah, the MXR Flanger!

  • Red Devil gb7

    MXR Distortion III

  • ChaosMadePerfect

    MXR Distortion+ right on! I hope I’m going off the rails o that Crazy Train!!!

  • Sharktunes

    I had your distortion pedal as a teen and loved that thing to death, literally! But my hands-down all time fave is your stereo chorus. It makes such eerily-beautiful music! LOVE that thing. Thanks for making guitar even better!

  • d-dropper

    DYNACOMP no question.

  • Kostas


  • Randy was great RIP

  • Lovin’ my MXR Micro Amp to really push my valve amp – its dirty

  • cm_17

    Sure love the EVH Flanger!

  • Snofellow

    Easy, I just got my ’78 Badass Distortion. Wow!!!

  • Ggdspinheiro

    I want it!

  • Pacofgf

    Fullbore Metal!

  • Love the phase 90 m/

  • king nothing

    MXR zakk wylde overdrive. i love it!

  • ned this! well I need any pedal. I only use MXR/Dunlop, well almost. A couple other analog effects but mostly MXR/Dunlop

  • When I had it I loved my mxr phase 100

  • kyle

    This pedal should be mine!

  • gazornenphlat

    Phase 100

  • Tdthom

    MXR Phase 90 is the first and coolest!

  • Richard Allan Betts Sr

    I really love the EVH Phase 90,and EVH Flanger.It gives me the sound with a couple other crazy gadgets I have.Coming out of the half stack I use for studio work.

  • it has to be my EVH flanger

  • andyskissarmy91

    Fullborne Metal

  • I have a violent love affair with the Phase-90.

  • Louis

    DynaComp is my fave.

  • My favorite MXR effect is the Phase 90


    MXR distortion. great with valve amps. Brown tone without digital harshness…simply the best…xxx

  • Pistantan

    The Dyna Comp is probably the only pedal that has always been on my pedalboard.

  • LefTY

    I got a Phase 90, but my all time fav is the EVH Flanger!!!

  • G H

    Playing MXR Distortion + for nearly 20 years…I’m getting old.

  • cement head

    The distortion plus was the first pedal I ever got; still love the sound.

  • Troeusboyeus

    Vintage distortion! yes

  • Dublaboratory

    The 117 flanger, the Carbon Copy,or the Blue Box.

  • I love my Phase 90.

  • Ray

    My MXR Phase 90, awesome for year after year! Wonderful Acoustics, Clean riffs so much more!

  • Dyna comp – I use it on slide with a touch of reverb to help those notes ring out!

  • Dyna comp – I use it on slide with a touch of reverb to help those notes ring out!

  • Axhoffman

    Phase 90 Script

  • Narghile

    blue box sounds are heaven sent.

  • Carbon Copy !

  • Karolis Dikcius

    Distortion + all the way. Why? `cause Randy is the best guitarist ever. Gotta love his tone.

  • Adam

    Phase 90…script logo…vintage…kick ass phaser. ’nuff said.

  • Erogenous Jones

    An ancient Phase 90. Creamy phase which doesn’t weaken the guitar’s tone.

  • 1979 – My Distortion + and my Phase 45 (both “script” models) “WERE” my sound with my Gibson SG and my 50 watt Marshall MKII half stack!!!
    Still got the SG and Marshall… but stupid me sold the pedals…aarrgghh!! Where’s all that rack gear now???!!!

  • Cat

    it would be so awesome if i won this…i’ve been looking for a distortion mixer!

  • sleepyxzzzz

    im a fan of the M152 Micro Flanger!

  • Wohoo… The rest of the world has a chance now, huh? Well, the Distortion+ would be a nice add to my MXR pedal board

  • Rh0ds626

    Classic Overdrive M-66 works great.

  • (.Y.)

    EVH flanger, Fullbore metal, and phase 90!!

  • TarheelMetalGod

    EVH Flanger. Unchained!!!

  • bass octave deluxe and evh flanger

  • The MXR Distortion + has been my favorite distortion pedal ever, since I first bought a block letter mustard box one at Guitar Center Hollywood in 1979. I currently own three including my original (which when it works sounds AMAZING). In a world FULL of TUBE Screamer Clones, the veritable Distortion Plus strands apart as a truly unique voice.

  • Mandopmusic

    Noise Gate!!! Hook up that Distortion
    so I can make the Gate work! :o)

  • Anonymous


  • Vn

    Micro Amp, deceptively useful, pretty sure it works on magic

  • zvukoprocessor

    Distortion lll for my drum machine!

  • Phasing all the time!!

  • Carbon Copy! Best delay I’ve ever owned.

  • Docbrad

    Distortion +

  • Nigellightowler1

    Has to be a dynacomp. The most overlooked effect is the compressor , it brings all the other pedals alive.

  • Anonymous

    Right now, I’m totally digging my Carbon Copy, though I have ordered an Analog Chorus already and have high expectations.

  • Garyjfoster

    zakk wylde overdrive is awesome

  • Joekips

    MXR script logo Distortion+!

  • I LOVE my MXR pedals…..hell, they’re MXR!

  • Always liked the MXR designs and sounds. Curious how hot this one will be.

  • back in the day I couldn’t live without my phase 90 and my distortion+.the box itself was tough as couldn’t hurt it if you tried.

  • aroc72000

    car car carbon copy py py


      You goddam fatass shitfuck- that’s all you are. How dare I trust you. You’re just an ugly FUCKING NOBODY.

  • EVH Phase 90. Sounds almost as good as the original ’74 Phase 90s for way less $!

  • Dtiepelman

    Loving the classic EVH Phase 90

  • Tennent

    MXR distortion….smooth syrup

  • Randy Rhoads is my hero. This is the pedal ive been looking for

  • wiscofist

    Carbon Copy.

  • My favorite MXR Pedals has to be a toss up between the phase 90 or flanger

  • Rickygarcia90

    The distortion + actually is my favorite pedal, so got my fingers crossed!

  • Paul watkins

    Mxr distortion +

  • Thomas M-B

    So far the Blue Box has my heart!

  • Dirge

    M134 Stereo Chorus

  • Telenator

    The Distortion+ was always my favorite pedal. It was one of the first I ever had. I’d love to have another!

  • kevin ryan

    my favorite pedal is the mxr distortion II.this pedal just kicks some serious tail.need just a little cruch or some good face slamming distortion this pedal performs.

  • MXR Distortion III

  • Mjberg1

    Bitchin I want one

  • Pete

    DIst + because its so raw!

  • warrior

    mxr distortion + from ’84 it’s amaizing, the sound is perfect, i can play everything with it, love it.

  • Aper

    I like my El Grande Pedal, one of the heaviest pedals I have ever tried…

  • Gtfitzie

    couldn’t live without phase 90

  • Serge

    mxr makes lots of cool pedals, but the one i find most useful is (*blushing*) 10-band eq pedal.

  • It’s hard. I like the Carbon Copy.

  • Mannferd

    MXR Ten Band EQ!!! The ultimate in tone shaping plus a gain and volume boost?! AMAZING!!!!

  • Raz

    Definitely distortion III!

  • Cambodia Risen

    Blue Box. Bang

  • Spirit Blade

    MXR Phase 90 is kickass stompbox!

  • ..and the clouds parted and the skies opened up, all in response to the rockin’ MXR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rh0ds626

    I’ve gotta go with my Classic Overdrive. It MURDERS everything else I’ve heard yet.

  • EVH flanger for sure. Don’t even use the knobs, just the unchained button!

  • RadioFreeAustin

    Carbon Copy. It’s like an instant awesome switch.

  • Schizo

    MXR Distortion+ for sure! And i can’t wait to try out the
    MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion!

  • J-P L

    MXR Distortion+


  • Fullbore Metal! I like a lot of your pedals though.

  • EvilMetalAxe

    I enjoy the Carbon Copy, it makes my rig sing.

  • Shred63

    phase 90,none better

  • Robertnliz03

    Script logo D+ luv em, but got mine stolen years ago at gig.finally time to replace it!

  • Peter Teipe

    I’d love to win this awesome pedal! I had a vintage distortion + that I made the mistake of giving away years ago, so I definitely need a replacement.

  • Justin Love

    My favorite MXR pedal is easily the EVH phase 90… That think is absolutely incredible!!

  • Cry Baby ……..

  • Lucas Benkenstein

    MXR Classic 108 Fuzz! Here’s my e-mail:

  • Josiahhashman

    The jimi hendrix crybaby

  • Ben

    MXR Vintage Distortion!

  • Mike

    I WANT IT!

  • Mike

    KFK Equalizer!

  • Stillsailsmusic

    LOVE my Carbon Copy Delay!

  • Steve

    MXR Distortion is the coolest on the planet! Hands down!!!!!

  • Andriy Fedorov

    This pedal was used by Rowland S. Howard!

  • Gjgkerrtx

    I use the Zakk Wylde pedal. Top notch!

  • Richvarick

    Love mxrr I got the zakk wylde od, , dist 3, gt od

  • MXR 115 III for some low offensiveness.

  • Esora

    Smart Gate is great!

  • Redslinky_77

    The MXR smartgate successfully cuts of the hiss and other inevitable noise. It’s a worth investment for those who do not compromise noises.

  • ej singson

    Vintage Green MXR Analog Delay.

  • Arekkozikowski

    Phase 90 modified

  • Adrian

    vintage phase 45

  • Danapalloo

    I love the Black Label Chorus!

  • Marc Furber

    Vintage Script Logo MXR Phase ’90

  • Andy Baerg

    Carbon Copy for me!!

  • Mark Carter

    Mighty BLUE BOX

  • Greg

    Phase 90

  • Adam Wilbert

    Carbon Copy.  End of story.

  • Ejackson

    My favorite MXR pedal is the Dyna Comp.

  • The Script logo, Bud box Distortion+ is hands down my favorite pedal. Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these reissues.

  • MXR Carbon Copy!

  • Actually, this one is my fav – but would love this “vintage” version!1

  • Kip Larue

    GCB95 wah (limited edition in pink)

  • Kip Larue

    but if you’re nitpicky I’ll go with the Carbon Comp

  • MOJO Studios

    The Distortion + is still hands down the best of any drive pedal out there, with just a little bit of drive you get tube overdrive sounds as light or as crunchy as you want, bump up the drive and you’ve got full blown distortion, and push it to the limit and you’ve got yourself the smoothest Fuzz pedal around, yes one box can do it all. This said I have the Black Box Distortion + from the early ’80s, and I’m not sure if all the reissues do this but on mine there are 2 inputs, in#1 is a straight normal hookup, but in#2 adds the dry signal in parallel, so you can mix the distorted signal in as low or as loud as you want for some of the best sounds to ever come out of a stompbox, I don’t care what you say, I have a screamer, I have an orange distortion , and a famous black overdrive pedal, not to mention hundreds of drives on my multieffects workstations and modeling fx, but I still have this one on my pedalboard, with only three others vying for that prime piece of Real Estate, MXR is bolted on there permanently. Get this one and be done with it. It really is that good. Thanks, and Happy Anniversary, keep it up. Mike O.


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  • Patrick Polio

    I have two favorites, for me they go together like cream and coffee. A used block logo Distortion+, with a script logo back plate was the first distortion pedal I purchased back in the 80’s. I’m on my 3rd or 4th one at this point, and will continue to seek out the originals. I will admit, I’m very curious to hear the new reissue that’s pictured above. The second pedal is the blue 6 band EQ, a favorite of many famous guitarists. The 6 band EQ has a certain sweetness to it’s tone that makes many other EQ pedals seem comparatively sterile sounding. With the right guitar, these two pedals placed before a nice tube amplifier sound awesome. If you don’t believe me, ask Eddie Van Halen.

  • Poko Cox

    The Blue Box is awesome!!!

  • Aisha

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