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In a new series of instructional demos from Dunlop, we dive into the nuanced performance points of the Way Huge Electronics superstar models. This week: Our man Tal goes in depth with the Way Huge Aqua Puss and Supa Puss Analog Delay pedals, exploring the slapback and feedback options on the Aqua Puss, and the Tap Tempo and Subdivision features of the Supa Puss; and gives a full overview of the Ring Worm rig modulator…



BONUS: We dug into the Way Huge archives and pulled out four sonic treasures—vintage and/or unique Way Huge pedals that Jeorge Tripps has inspected, cleaned up and autographed—and we’ll be giving one away each week throughout the month of December. This week, we’re offing up the classic Way Huge Blue Hippo Analog Chorus!

This aqueous effect is famous for the incredibly diverse range of lush, liquefied sounds it delivers through its simple two-knob interface. With the Rate and Depth controls, you can go from slow, mildly dampened tone-widening to full-on modulated madness at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. And no matter where you set the controls, the tone and character of your guitar remain fully intact.


ENTER TO WIN: Use the comments section below to ask Jeorge Tripps a question about Way Huge effects—the line’s origin, his approach to design, tonal inspiration, whatever! We’ll select a few questions for Jeorge to answer, and post those here on the blog. One lucky question-asker will be randomly selected to take home this rare Blue Hippo!

About Way Huge: Launched in 1992 by Jeorge Tripps, Way Huge Electronics quickly created a buzz among southern California guitar players and began to define the boutique effects market. In late 1999 with 15 models, the company closed its doors as Tripps pursued other opportunities to hone his skills as a designer. As Way Huge exited from the market, the demand for the products soared, driving online auctions well into the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. In 2006, Dunlop welcomed Tripps and Way Huge into the family. Finally, Tripps was able to make Way Huge Electronics the way he had always envisioned, with a dedicated design team and production facility at his fingertips. Since then, Dunlop has helped Way Huge Electronics bring their hot-rodded vintage tones to the mass market at an affordable price.



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  • Steven

    What was the inspiration behind using the name “Swollen Pickle” for that particular pedal? and do you get asked this question a lot?

  • Buzz

    AquaPuss/Supa Puss – were these pedals really feline inspired? Will there be any more members of the Puss family appearing soon?

  • Jeremiah Lind

    When you got started designing pedals, what were to trying to achieve sonically that others weren’t, and how well do you feel you did achieving that?

  • Nik DeVriese

    When and how did you draw the first concept of Mister Huge Tonologist?

  • Shane

    When you were starting out, were you chasing a classic tone? or trying to find something new?

  • James

    What is your favorite pedal made by someone else?

  • Joe

    What was the first pedal you designed and /or decided to mod? What started it all?

  • Zach

    Have you ever been asked by Dunlop to consult for any of their other brands like CryBaby or MXR? If so, which brands and/or products have you helped with?

  • Stanton Hancock

    Do you personally think there is any validity to the claims that the original versions of your pedals are superior to the mass-produced reissued versions or do you think the reissues are just as good as the originals?

  • David Mcdaniel

    do you think dunlop will reissue the camel toe?

  • Mike Miller

    Jeorge!!! First off…….Your the man!! LOve everything you make. Will you ever make a way HUGE WAH? would to see!

  • Udi

    Hey Jeorge, love your designs man! I still use my original Aqua-Puss and it’ll never leave my board :)
    I know you’ve worked on many projects in the Dunlop family, like the MXR reissues, the different Fuzz Faces, big name artists signature pedals and of course the Way huge line. What was your favorite project and why?

  • Evan Stark

    What’s next for Way Huge? Will we see any brand new pedals soon? Or maybe reissues of some old ones for example Blue Hippo Mk. II?

  • Steve Parish

    I wanted to know why Jeorge stopped making his great effects in the first place….seems like they became classics immediately and then poof were gone… glad to see him ramping them up again.

  • Tyler McCall

    As a guy who enjoys hearing and using weird effects, I was just wondering where you start off making something as cool, strange and extremely useful. I myself am considering going to school and learning how to make pedals and I draw on some inspiration from the strange and usual like everything from Mr. Jeorge Tripps.

  • Carlos Villanueva

    Every Way Huge pedal has its own personality. Where does the inspiration come from when it comes to design and the actual tone?

  • mistertofu

    Jeorge! Best Van Halen story?

  • Joe

    Hey Jeorge, what’s with naming the pedals after animals and seemingly-unrelated colors? Purple Platypus, Blue Hippo, Red Llama. Love those names!

  • Stephen Smith

    Jeorge, are the names of the pedals somehow inspired by the sounds the pedals make, or do they just have a life of their own?

  • Brent Stewart

    Do you ask artists what they are looking for in terms of tone, or features, when you are designing your effects?

  • David Blake

    Which Way Huge pedal is your personal favorite and why? Thanks!

  • Justas Bukys

    How much iterations it usually takes from first pedal circuit build to final production product?

  • Kazimierz Kuta

    How did you came out with ideas for new pedals? Some of them are highly inspired by some existing circuits, some are not.

  • Andy

    When you create a new pedal, how do you translate an idea into a tangible effect? Is it a strictly technical process, where you are selecting and arranging components to achieve an exact sound, or is there some experimentation involved as the circuit develops?

  • Ewciak

    How did you came out with
    design of your stompboxes (bright colors, big knobs)?

  • joshua chaulklin

    how does it feel to be to pedal building what Page was to the guitar?

  • Alvaro Salomón Cogollo Isaac

    What inspired you to enter in the world of effect pedals? and what was the first effect you made?

  • Michael

    Do you still have the first pedal you ever successfully built, and if so, do you ever take it out and hook it up just for fun?

  • Steve Aldridge

    I personally am a purist and do not see pedals going away, but wonder what role the iPad and tablet apps will play in the future. What do you see for the future of effects pedals?

  • Brendan Vincent

    What is your favorite recorded guitar tone?

  • Jono Ford

    Did you ever consider making a Univibe style effect? If so would use use photocells, fets or try to pioneer a new design?

  • KD

    Hi Jeorge,
    1. Has your first name always used the “J”, or were you once a “G”?
    2. What was the catalyst that prompted you to start building your own pedals, and at what point did you feel that it was time to stop for awhile?