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NAMM 2014 is here, and that means it’s time to announce some sweet new Dunlop gear. Head over to our New Products section to see individual pages for each product, but here’s a rundown (with videos!):


First, let’s talk pedals. We have new releases from our standard MXR® line, including the FET Driver and the Uni-Vibe® Chorus/Vibrato. From MXR Bass Innovations, we have the Bass Preamp, and from the Custom Shop, watch out for the La Machine—a garage rocker’s fuzzy dream come true—the Phase 99—featuring two Phase 90 circuits in a single pedal—and the suped up Micro Amp +.


As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve brought back the tone conditioning mojo of the Echoplex® EP-3 tape echo unit in the form of the Echoplex Preamp. From Cry Baby®, we have the Halo™ inductor-equipped Clyde McCoy® Wah Wah. And for those of you who’ve been asking for the features of the Volume (X) volume/expression pedal in the larger housing of the DVP1 Volume Pedal, we’ve got the Volume (XL).


Last but not least, Way Huge® has some tasty morsels for you. The Havalina™ Germanium Fuzz and the Swollen Pickle™ Dirty Donny Edition, which serves up the same corpulent fuzz as the MkII but with a smaller housing, six external controls, and a sweet paint job from legendary rock artist Dirty Donny.


Now let’s talk accessories—we’ve got some sweet new Dunlop Picks and Bass Strings. Primetone™ Sculpted Plectra feature hand-burnished sculpted edges for fast, articulate runs and effortless strumming. By popular demand, we’ve inducted the Ultex® Jazz III XL, Tortex® Jazz III XL, and Tortex Jazz III White picks into the Cult of Jazz III. And finally, for you bass players out there who want to stand out in the mix with a crisp top end without giving up any of your fundamental, look no further than Dunlop Super Bright™ Bass Strings, available in both Steel and Nickel.


Are you or any of your friends attending NAMM 2014? If so, make your way over to our booth at #4568 and check out all the new gear firsthand.


Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates. And if you can’t make it to the show, check out some demo videos below of several of our new pedals.






















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