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Pro Guitar Shop recently did a demo of the much beloved “unsung hero”, the Dunlop Rotovibe. We’re going to let their copy do its thing—as they always do an excellent job. Great demo.

The Dunlop Rotovibe is a great effect pedal bringing forth classic vibe and chorus tones aplenty with no noise and a full frequency response that will have you looking over your shoulder to check and make sure its the pedal, not an actual rotary speaker! The on/off switch is under the treadle for easy access and the side mounted depth control is easy to use on the fly on a dark stage. The Dunlop Rotovibe is a perfect tool for lush chorus and deep rich vibe effects and the heavy duty enclosure along with Dunlops reputation make for a pedal that will last. Grab a Dunlop Rotovibe and rocket back to the past. Dunlop Rotovibe * Vibe/Chorus Mode Switch and LED Indicators * -9vdc or Battery Operation * Treadle Adjustable Speed * Heavy Duty Enclosure – Pro Guitar Shop



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  • MetalheadZW

    I have this pedal. Its F*ing AMAZING! Great pedal!

  • WyldeFAN

    This is one of the key pedals in my rig

    Les Paul Custom ->Crybaby ->RotoVibe -> Wylde Overdrive -> Chorus Ensemble -> Marshall JCM800

  • i hate this pedal

    why do we all have to be like Hendrix ? Use the same gear ? relic guitars ? if Hendrix followed the same theory, today he wouldn’t have called “The Hendrix”.

  • Never heard one of these till now. Probably not giving it justice listening to it online. The video hits on many different genres of classic hits.

  • Anonymous

    Why was the Univibe discontinued?

  • LongLiveTimKelly

    I noticed Guitar Center removed this pedal from their website, so I got one at another store. I’m very happy with it. I can get the Led Zeppelin- No Quarter guitar sound. I believe Jimmy Page used a Leslie speaker to achieve that sound in the studio.