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In a new series of instructional demos from Dunlop, we dive into the nuanced performance points of the Way Huge Electronics superstar models. In this post, we take a closer look at the family of Way Huge Distortion, Overdrive and Fuzz pedals—namely the Red Llama, Pork Loin, Green Rhino, Fat Sandwich, and Swollen Pickle. Grab a bucket of popcorn, or your guitar and your favorite Way Huge pedal, and follow along with Tal Morris as he goes deep on these powerful and unique effects!


To further enhance the Way Huge mood and convey a little holiday spirit, we’ve giving away this rare, vintage Way Huge Foot Pig Germanium Fuzz, inspected and autographed by Way Huge Founder Jeorge Tripps!



Enter to win this amazing pedal—use the comments section below to tell us about your Holy Grail Pedal, the one vintage, hard-to-find effect pedal that’s the object of your unfulfilled desire! We’ll pick a winner at random next Friday, January 10, 2014!



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  • Sean Pierce Johnson

    Hard to say what my “holy grail” pedal would be. I’m always on the lookout for awesome new effects to enhance my sound but if there’s one pedal I absolutely CANNOT do anything without it is my Boss Tuner. It doesn’t matter if I’m plugged straight in or have the hugest board I can manage, I NEED to be in tune.
    Having said that though…if the opportunity came and the price was right I would not be able to resist coming into a Klon Centaur or a nice old Fuzz Face.

  • Shane

    Last year I found an old Marshall Shredmaster at a flea market. I’d love to find an old Captain Coconut, a Camel Toe (hint hint)

  • Krismael

    My dream pedal that probably will never see the light or day and wont never fill that special spot on my pedalboard is a prototype that Dimebag came with years ago with Dunlop….a Flanger-Wah pedal. But I love Jeorge Tripps pedals love my Swollen Pickle if you know what Im sayn

  • Roger W.

    Two in one pedal, a combination Overdrive and fuzz. Both have Germanium diodes/transistors.

  • Jim

    I’d love to have an original Univibe and an Echoplex (or Space Echo). 🙂

  • Recently I was able to get my hands on Danelectro Reverse Delay Back Talk pedal. Such a fun pedal to own! I been looking for this pedal for years.

  • Fabian Schalupp

    Roland RE 201 Space Echo would be the Holy Everything if Everything! I would pry to it and worship it all day!
    And all other Tape Echoes are the Gods next to it!

  • Matthew Blake

    I’d love to get my hands on a Way Huge Camel Toe!! Two great pedals in one box for sure!!

  • Martin Bo

    I don’t know if I have already heard my holy grail effect, I’m rather young and haven’t heard enough, but still lookin’ for that best sound I can hear in my head 😉 I prefer vintage little overdriven deep sound so I usually use my tube amp for this. Once I heard Arteffect Zenith Overdrive – not easy to find, great potential, really good sounding and.. too expensive for me now 🙂 I think its holy grail for now to me.. but one day I plan to possess simple vintage tube overdrive.

    Kind regards

  • Fabio Capovilla

    Fuzz face jimi hendrix!!!!!!!

  • Ipabass

    A FoxRox Captain Coconut II – three in one, fuzz, octave, and univibe – since they are no longer made, now they are crazy expensive

  • JohnnyCNote

    MuTron Flanger – I was lucky enough to get one out of a total of 1000. I still have it but would like another…

  • JP

    If you didn’t say “pedal” I would say the Companion Psychedelic Machine for general awesomeness. If the 90s are vintage (which places me as antique) I’m going to say the Lovetone Doppelganger–lots of beautiful phase and vibrato sounds accessible in one big honking box.

  • ThomasIV

    The vintage pedal I want most is a Mutron Bi-Phase. It’s almost an instrument all its own.

  • Mike Miller

    A nice minty T O N E B E N D E R!!! would be sweet. Or even a one of a kind Dunlop wah!!!

  • Jeremy Nilsen

    Klon Centaur for me!

  • Mark Walker

    Not really a pedal but definitely an effect: I’ve always wanted a leslie speaker

  • William

    Blackstar Modulation pedal – has Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Rotary/Tremolo options!

  • Simon

    Way Huge Purple Platypus!
    I’ll never forget the Tim Pierce demos on the old WH website.
    Jeorge, please bring it back!


  • William Anthony Woodhouse-Bank

    I need a Piercing Moose, but a foot pig will do just fine!

  • Matt

    Echoplex for me

  • Daniel

    My holy grail pedal is an original Uni-Vibe – is there an effect in the world that both looks and sounds as cool as a Uni-Vibe?

  • lupegaru

    An old Clyde for me..

  • Buzz

    Mine is an old WEM Copicat tape delay.
    The unit has 3 playback heads and gain boost.

  • Udi

    These videos are so well made! great job guys!
    gotta try the Pork Loin now 🙂

  • David Blake

    An original Butler Tube Driver for that sweet Eric Johnson lead tone

  • PaulB

    An early production civil war big muff would be cool!

  • Laura Lani Hamilton

    Anytime I see a MIA Rat I get pretty excited.. Or any of the MIJ BOSS pedals. My favorite Vintage finds have to involve some sort of tube drive though. You never know what you’re gonna get until you play it!

  • Ray Langer

    A Butler Tube Driver. Love the tone.

  • Joel Marksbury

    I’m looking for that pedal that makes me sound like a rock god without all the practice and drugs, but with all the sex.

  • SStewart

    Phase 90. A truly classic pedal.

  • jyflorida

    Definitely a Pork Loin!

  • Robert Abernathy

    Way Huge Camel Toe is my holy grail!! – although this Foot Pig Fuzz is a close runner-up!

  • Tim Guertin

    my holy grail pedal? probably an original Binson Echorec or a EH Memory Man

  • Göran Dahlgren

    The original mxr phase 90

  • Marc-Andre Basile

    Original Fuzz Face!

  • Jason Poe

    An early Big Muff

  • Jim Keir

    The EH Treble Booster I had as a teenager. No idea where that pedal went but it kicked ass.

  • zedthewizard

    I have some holy grail pedals that I finally came upon and will never sell: Pedalworx Benderoverunder; JHS Supro Man; Bearfoot FX Honey Bee; Demeter FOD-1, and recently a Tim Pierce Signature Overdrive / Power Amp (The Power Amp sections is brilliance, and I now run it first in my chain.) I’ve also had several pedals that people say are so great, and I found them lacking. Therefore, silver or gold; I want a Klon, and I can’t afford one unless I hit the lottery big! Like the silicon and germanium minis – by the way. I bought a second germanium.

  • Raul de Lara Jr.

    No question, gotta be a Camel Toe pedal. (hoping it’s reissued soon)

  • Joe

    Would love one of the old Musitronics Corp. Mu-tron IIIs. I don’t even really have a use for an envelope filter in my playing, but you can be damn sure I’d find one just to be able to stomp on that glorious old ’70s box.

  • Jack Bryant

    Shin-ei Univibe for the win.

  • Andy

    I would love to have a vintage tape delay…just to be able to experiment with one would be a dream.

  • Justas Bukys

    good old silicon fuzz face.

  • Eric Tait

    Germanium fuzz face circa 66-68 would be the holy grail pedal for me

  • JC Jax

    If I could find an original (not reissue) A/DA Flanger in good condition and at a price I could afford I would be very happy indeed!

  • TrojanHombre

    An original Echoplex would be at the top of my list.

  • mistertofu

    Yamaha UD Stomp, need to find one!

  • Eric Cox


  • Jay Marshall

    Hmmm… I am lucky enough to own a Saffron Squeeze, but have never actually tried an original Ross compressor so that one is on the list. But honestly have not found my holy grail chorus. For that reason I am going for a Blue Hippo (even if it makes me sound like a brown nose 🙂 ).

  • Franco Morrone

    I always wanted to play a Way Huge Super Puss, and now they are practically dissapeared, or cost a lot of money.

  • Prince Partyman

    I’d love to score a Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble.

  • Eduardo Rodrigues

    A vintage Fuzz Face, gray version, of curse! Great tone, wonderful and smooth response… The best i ever heard! A Vintage Dyna Comp or a Ross Compressor isn’t a bad idea, either.

  • Dan Y.

    There may be some hard-to-find vintage Holly Grail(s), but honestly the pedal like Fat Sandwich captures my attention as versatile, full of features, and most importantly clean-circuit device which will record nicely and sound natural, musical and noise-free.

  • Jono Ford

    Golly gee. should would be my dream to own a vintage Foot Pig.

  • Matt Campbell

    I definitely think that a Vintage Big Muff would fit my needs perfectly 🙂 I’ve loved the Billy Corgan/ Gilmour sound since I heard Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness when I was in 8th grade.

  • Fabio Capovilla

    Vintage fuzz face !!!!! Roger mayer page fuzz

  • Tim Guertin

    or, now that I’ve had time to think about it, I wouldnt mind having an original Ram’s Head Big Muff or silicon Fuzz Face

  • Casey the Robinson

    The Echoplex EP-2, had the chance to see and hear one in person and was blown away by the sound it could produce…

  • Bartu Konya

    Roland BeeBaa AF-100

  • David Lawson

    Would need to be a vintage tonebender

  • Jordy Briggs

    Roger Mayer fuzz!

  • Jonathan

    An all original vintage Uni Vibe, oh yeah.. That’s the one!

  • Eric Garcia

    Op amp big muff

  • Jared

    Analogman KING OF TONE
    Nothing more needs saying.

  • PRSsc245

    If I had to pick a hard to find vintage effect, it would have to be a Uni-Vibe. I would gladly settle for a Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe though. I would not kick a vintage Crybaby out of bed either.

  • Matt Riffey

    Right now my holy grail is the Supa Puss delay, but I wouldn’t turn down an old Echoplex. That Foot Pig isn’t too bad either!

  • Allan Kingdom

    A B&M Fuzz unit

  • Ryan Heim

    Diggin’ on a swollen pickle as of late, but I likes me some pigs in the blanket..(:

  • macaddyct

    I’ve always loved the old Copper Crybaby Wah pedals!

  • Mark Comer

    Octavia please..

  • RobK

    Klon KLON KLON!

  • nachobill

    Triangle Big Muff V1.. or an Univibe Shin ei too.. an original, or mello wah.. tonebender v3… not a pedal but ill love a version for the chorus echo tape delay for the foot tap tempo… the list could never end