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We got a box in the mail last week from Joe Bonamassa that contained an autographed copy of We Want To Groove, the latest album from Joe’s side project Rock Candy Funk Party; the Rock Candy Funk Party Takes New York at The Iridium DVD/CD set; and the Way Huge Ring Worm ring modulator that Joe used during a three-night run at The Baked Potato this past February, and during a subsequent performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Check it out…


As you can plainly hear in the video, Joe uses the Ring Worm to get funky and a little weird on his solo (which starts around 1:50 in). He autographed and annotated the face of the Ring Worm to mark his settings, as well as commemorate the Baked Potato and Conan appearances, and asked us to offer it up to one lucky fan! Sooo….


Use the comments section below to tell us how YOU get funky and weird on guitar! We’ll select one commenter at random on Friday 4/11 to win the Ring Worm, the autographed CD, and the live in NYC DVD/CD set!





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  • John Efraimson

    Like to have a filter or rhythmic mod pedal inspiring me.

  • Mike Revis

    I’d turn everything to 10 and wail!!

  • BJG

    I’d start with a super saturated singing tone add some chorus, a little delay and groove on the Cry Baby Wah & the Floyd Rose… adding the Way Huge RingWorm ring modulator to that mix would be the funky weird sauce on that groove stew.

  • lupegaru

    turn the gain all the way up, and let my kids use the talkbox!

  • Brad Peddle

    I open the bebot app on my iPhone and put the iPhone’s speakers close to the guitar’s pickups, the sounds that are produced by the bebot app go thru my guitar rig. So kick on lots of delay and reverb and you get all kinds of funky and weird !!

  • Paul Bynane

    I would break out the Gretsch Country Gentleman and Gibson EB-O, and have some fun with my dad! The only question is, what settings to start with first!

  • Michael

    I can only do so much without a Ring Worm, my Strat needs one!

  • Jack Welch

    Combine that with some 60’s British sounds from my VOX VT40+ and crank it up.

  • Matt Riffey

    Combine it with a wah and a talkbox using a guitar with a floating trem.

  • Jack M

    Wack it through a re20 space echo drive the repeat rate and intensity up, auto wah and expression pedal for the space echo, WOAH!!!!!

  • Jolle1345

    Well, I’d start with playing some funky rythme with a compressor turned on. That is either some funky chords or playing single notes down close to the bridge. Then I’d go totally psychedelic and kick in the overdrive, delay and probably wah. I will ude my tremelo to go all Hendrix. Then comes the solo. I kick in distortion 2. Fully compresszed sustaining overdriven Psychedelic notes overfloaded with a tsunami of wah-blitz…. Then back to the funky chord-stuff

  • Alex

    I use my AutoWah and the Compressor of my multieffect.

  • Gregory Bodish

    I wear a speedo when I play



  • Donald Almendarez

    I get so funky George Clinton can’t out funk me!

  • Fabian Schalupp

    some Wahwah and synthWah from Digitech with sharp clean tone and a Strat

  • Sandy Aphid

    I have never gotten THAT funkay… but I’ll sure give it a try! Makes me want to go out and buy the CD though.

  • Howell2027

    Turn up the volume and let all of the neighbors know that I have Joe Bonamassa’s Way Huge Ring Worm. Now that I have said it that way, they may think I need some medical attention. Well, they will know that there is a new pedal in my life.

  • Austin O’Saben

    I get funky on the bass all day! Sometimes on the guitar too.. my favorite funk sound with the bass comes from my M82 MRX bass envelope filter pedal

  • Jeremiah Lind

    I would play with a little autowah and some compression, And then I would sport an ALL white leather outfit with some Fringe.

  • Péter Homoki

    i use my wah, nice funkrock track

  • Akamatsu Soujiro

    for weird sound….
    since i has limit i combine Chorus,Phaser,Flanger,and Tremolo

    Chorus: Rate + Depth at Full
    Phaser: (i use Phase 90) at full
    Flanger: (EVH Flanger) Regen and Width at Full, speed at 3 o’clock
    Tremolo: (Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter) Depth Full, Wave 9 o’clock, Rate depend on mood but sometimes i use at 3 o’clock

    trust me…
    it sooooooooooooooooo weird but sometimes i like it to make something different or make a horror song hahahahaha

  • Mike Miller

    Well I’m peeping and I’m creeping and I’m creep-in
    But I damn near got caught, cause my beeper kept beeping
    Now it’s time for me to make my impression felt
    So sit back, relax and strap on your seat belt
    You never been on a ride like this before
    With a producer who can rap and control the maestro
    At the same time with the dope rhyme that I kick
    You know and I know, I flow some old funky shit
    To add to my collection, the selection
    Symbolizes dope, take a toke but don’t choke

  • Brent Stewart

    The weirdness usually comes from using my Octron, using both the octave up and down blended with the original overdriven signal. It really cuts through the mix, and definitely catches the ears of the audience!

  • Mike Freed

    Unfortunately I’m incapable of getting “funky”. I have the 50 year old white guy blues. This would be a giant step towards funking me up.

  • Shawn D

    I am nothing but funky,,,

  • robert koch

    I jam along with Atlanta Rhythm Section – Spooky

  • Jeffrey Ballard

    I plug in my rainbow machine and the funk rolls out!

  • Andre Barthelmes

    Strat or Les Paul –Cry Baby–Amp
    …but that Ringworm would fit perfectly into this setup 😉

  • Udi

    My Aqua-Puss on full blown oscillation!!

  • Erin

    Traveled from Chicago to see Rock Candy at the Baked Potato this year! It was just the inspiration I needed to get even weirder than I already am. My Bonamassa Gibson Goldtop+Fender Amp=Joe wannabe

  • Bob Vincent

    Right now, my path to funkiness is provided by my TC Electronics Nova Modulator (as spoken in my very best Marvin the Martian voice, a la Mel Blanc)….there are some very funky settings one can dial in on that pedal!

  • Raydog

    Playing upside down and backwards is my weirdness!! Being lefthanded, I learned to play my brothers’ righthanded guitar upside down. 45 years later, still can’t extend my fingers for certain ways of playing, so that’s my funkiness. Any help is ALWAYS appreciated!!

  • Brent Johnston

    To get funky, I play through an Auto Wah, Phaser and Delay, usually with single coils.

  • Buzz

    wah > OD > delay > phase or chorus

  • David Blake

    Let my hair down, kick the crybaby on, put on some Red Hot Chili Peppers, and jam!

  • Kevin L. Gibbs

    I don’t always get the funk out, but when I do, it’s with a heavy thumpn’ bass line and a few of my best James Brown dance moves. 8)

  • So far, my definition of ‘funk’ has been to have an extra spoon of sugar in my tea, or wearing my jeans without underpants… I am hoping winning this pedal will elevate me to a whole new level of funk where I could converse with the spirit of Jimi Hendrix himself and ask him if indeed the question to life, the universe and everything is in fact “What gauge string do you use for the bottom E??”…

  • Spider

    Down and funky

  • William

    A script Phase 90 and a JB Wah does me right…

  • MichaelPerkins

    Quantum Modulator.

  • HellRot

    Get you wahwahs out and let it loose on the ground… let me play aaaall day! Get you AquaPuss wet and funky… Yeah!

  • Kathleen Clark

    Plug it in, turn it up, and funk away! I gots lotsa grooove!

  • Ted Gomez

    Get your funk on, and make it happen!

  • Pat

    I’m willing to reveal my secret weapon to win the glorious ringworm! I have this gimmick for certain funky tunes when I alternate between two sounds. First a typical clean compressed rythm (via MXR CUSTOM COMP) and then i follow the bass line with single notes through a wicked mix of MXR BLUE BOX/ EHX BASSBALLS on a dirty sound. That combination literally growls!!! Throw a touch of pure analog delay through the mighty MXR CARBON COPY on top of that and expect surprising reactions in the audience. Rock n’ roll!

  • Anthony L.

    Usually use an envelope filter and put it on a weird ass setting

  • Gabe Meyers

    Plug in the Cry Baby start the groove, let the bass get funky and tear the roof off the sucka’

  • Joshua

    I need more Funk in the Trunk! Throw me that ringworm and I’ll go Studio 69!!

  • BonaMassiveFan

    My funky tone comes all from my fingers. 🙂

  • Shane

    I love creating weird synth sounds on the guitar, this pedal would add to all that.

  • Martin

    I love messing with the tunings and effects to get a good sound…I’ll use whatever to get a new sound going

  • Bryan

    When I jam on guitar- It gets so funky you can smell it!

  • Austin bourgeois

    Put the Phase 90 about 1 o’clock and with some mild distortion, play some Tower of Power and there you go!

  • Russ Rule

    I throw in the RCFP DVD TURN UP THE AMP CLICK ON MY J.B. fet driver and get funky with them.

  • Ed Barajas

    Some Phase and Guitar, this could complement my Funky Rig

  • I chew on my shoe, then things get REAL Funky!!!

  • Michael Lee Scott

    I use a combo of my crybaby with a whammy along with my Strats tremolo to create to crazy non traditional vocal notes. Its fun when you get a good sounding groove going on.

  • Dave B.

    Cry Baby parked on a nasal sound, then some Phase 90 at about 3/4 of the way to full speed.

  • GreenElmo

    As a new guitarist I’m still experimenting. Love fuzz on my G&L ASAT Deluxe and am trying to get my hands on a few different pedals to try out.

  • Shawn yarber

    Slash MXR octave fuzz ! Nuff said

  • Jbyrd

    Dime the Silver Jubilee, funk up the tone knobs on my WildWood JB 114 Les Paul, and wail until my funk’in neighbors tell me to turn the funk down!!

  • Brett Husebye

    I get funky and weird playing guitar by cranking the Chorus, the Delay and Flanger and Wahwah UP!

  • MarkH3954

    Fender Strat, a Phase Shifter, MXR Custom Badass 78 Distortion, MXR CAE Wah and some Bada Boom Bada Bing, Baby!!!!

  • MattS

    A lot of stacked delays and huge modulated reverb every time.

  • Jimbo

    A nice clean sound, with a touch of delay. I then add a slight bit of a Phase 90, an EVH Flanger with the rate set on 10, and a Way Huge Pork Loin for a bit of gain.

  • Jam with my buddies (bass and drummer), get a groove going and then lay down some smooth leads with a little delay and drive from my dual fusion and maybe throw in some Budda Wah for getting real funky!

  • rvi

    I love to get the wiggly worm sound. Phaser is great for that, so is this!

  • Luan Nieuwoudt

    Play with a whammy and my Slash Crybaby at the same time 😀

  • Rog335

    Lock in with the drummer & then step on the Supa Puss in Chase mode.

  • Nick

    Overdriven Marshall, Les Paul, Bonamassa FET & Wah.

  • Bill Belcher

    Fast delay. Harmonize 32nd notes.

  • PRW

    Go all Marty McFly on Crossroads

  • Steve Burgess

    Bottle of red wine, bucket of fried chicken and all knobs on 10.

  • Kyle n

    Fender twin reverb to Hoffman 2 12ax7 tube jet preamp to digitech octave whammy to modded boss sd1 to tonebender mkii to fuzz face to bbe mind bender to mxr carbon copy analog delay to fender us strat(blacked out like Gilmour with custo shop pickups)

  • Siorne John

    First, i take out the neck pickup of my guitar and drill a hotwheels car into the slot wherre it once was, and then use the resulting noise through my amp and turn the volume knob all the way up and down until the police come and drag me away from my noise making machine. The. On the way to the police station I sing Barry Mannilow B-sides as loud as I possibly can, get my dog to bail me out of jail, come back home, and repeat the process.

  • Dave D

    Hendrix Octavio and my Start make a nice funky combination.

  • Denilson Dias

    My Les Paul in a echopark in reverse, adding Ring Worm would be awesome!

  • Ted Miller

    I use a Boss RT-20 Rotary pedal and my old school Morely wah pedal to get really funky!

  • Luis mendoza

    My wife plays drums, she layers down a kick ass funky break beat, and I fire up my electro harmonix micro synth and a mxr blue box and lay down the 70s synth funk.

  • Mark Hauenstein

    Join are weeded and place,,

  • Giulio Motta

    Violent and funky is the best 🙂

  • randolphr

    my RMC3 wah & my mutron III

  • Ken Honey-Cured Bacon

    Just starting with my funky self, this will help me on my trip.

  • Tricia Hope

    I play mainly acoustic but my son plays electric and would love to win this for him

  • Tim Goodrich

    I wants to get funked up…..

  • FauxZen

    Plugged or unplugged
    Oh yeah, oh yeah baby
    It damn sure works that way!

  • Scott Galyon

    Gotta admit that funk isn’t my thang. Would jamming to Montrose’s Rock Candy with my Les Paul Classic count?

  • DB

    Weeee want the funk! Everybody funk. Oh, weeeee want the funk.

  • Al Sparks

    I like to change my strings a play with the pickup height

  • Josiah McArdle

    I don’t know what I’d use it for, but it’d definitely be a pleasure to win it!

  • Spider

    Long Live Funk!

  • attakorahj

    There is no “Funk” untill the Wha Wha pedal is not on. Well i just play me some “Le Freak” with amp cranked up while i do the bump and hustle with my bassist…yes we had a whole choreography lol

  • Alyssa Milano

    Quietly, so no one can hear how bad I suck.

  • Wade L. Sims

    I was born funky!

  • gregg

    Lots of B and E strings to not cover up your nimble-fingered bassist. Quick and light touch, always synced with the ticky-tick of the sock cymbals and the ghost notes on the snare. Clear and bright sounding guitar, and not some infinite sustain axe (that fast decay is your funky friend). Fender Twin and just enough gain to get some tube compression happening. And a good drummer, one who understands Zigaboo Modeliste (if the drummer is heavy handed, showy, owns a double kick pedal, has more than 2 toms and 2 cymbals or wears cross-training sneakers, then just roll a joint, buy a 6 pack and drive down to the river to go rat shooting or whatever). Phase 90 and a Cry Baby if you’re friends are into that sort of thing, not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  • Jim McCoy

    Anything gets more funky with an EVH MXR Phase 90.

  • humboldtrick

    Smoke a fattie and jam with friends in the redwoods.

  • Harald Schreiber

    that woud fit right in with my bonamassa fuzz and my bonamassa wah

  • Ben Meredith

    Love my pedals

  • GregB

    Get in a groove and ride it

  • TelePhunk

    Wah dance, fuzz prance and dig, it’s the Ringworm.

  • Dylan

    The groove is the key!

  • Daniel Sandvig

    Crank the Boss Tone and Syncopate

  • Nic Giebink

    I do not just GET funky and weird on guitar…I AM funky and weird on guitar

  • Giacomo Visconti-Prasca

    Analog octaver and lots of gain

  • Chris Faricy

    I start with a Whole lotta gain & add in the Dunlop Octavio while playing above the 12th fret.

  • Gerald D.

    First, you got to play to put the F in Funk. Then Funk.

  • Albert Martin

    I like to plug my guitar on crunch channel and start jamming on A…and after some minutes switch to deep distortion and being crazy !

  • Bertram Dhellemmes

    fuzz and auto-wah.

  • Mscialdone

    Think like a horn player.

  • hannes porombka

    I plug the cable in an play!

  • uncpickboy

    Hendrix Crybaby, Hendrix Fuzz Face, and a Lovepedal Pickle Vibe!! Now that is funky!

  • Rick Werneck

    I get funky and weird when guitar notes hit my head and reach my heart.

  • John Richards

    Put on my Rock n Roll Cowboy hat then then my snakeskin boots grab that big Hendrix chord and let er rip.

  • Randy Martin

    I get funky by serenading my inner self with some great blues riffs.

  • TK Morgan

    I pretend I’m David Byrne circa Stop Making Sense…clean, clicky, synchopated rhythm.

  • John S

    Don’t shower for a week and I get real funky

  • Zach Dunne

    By turning all the pedals on my pedalboard on at once

  • Mark Hauenstein

    My ,,, please !!!

  • paulogrua

    Fuzz on top of fuzz with plenty of feedback 😉

  • YonderWanderer

    Jam session… old school MXR Envelope Filter, multiple delays, and a looper…funky, spacy, and psychedelic.

  • Emmanuel Gasser

    A couple of brewskies and a wah pedal.

  • James Nunn

    I play it funky using nothing but the gyrations of my hips, a spontaneously formed afro, and some book I found in a junk shop called ‘The Funkronomicon’

  • Bluesboy39

    I like to get funky without my shoes on.

  • Frank J. Jung

    Alone, with the Volume cranked FULL-ON on my old, beat-up Marshall Cabinet with loose, modified speakers/ Distortion Pedal: engaged/ Glass Finger Slide handy(just in case)/ my SG/ and a decent buzz.

  • Ryan Rouse

    Not even the Internet is ready for how I get funky with my guitar…

  • Gregg Dennis

    I play bass, so I must bring the funk with me and give it out to the other players in the band AND the audience.

  • Hector Mota

    A strat, wah, delay, Funkadelic and the Axl Rose dance.

  • Christopher Williams

    I make myself a tasty funk-shake and then funk out like Bootsy and Old Greg do.

  • Matt Fordyce

    Windows open, volume up, sing out my musical mating call.

  • BArmstro10

    Maggot Brain and Ringworm – two great sounding diseases!

  • Jesse

    Using a vibrating dildo on the strings produces a very funky/ weird tone on a cranked Les Paul… some grit, some delay… some funky funks sounds. Chicks dig it too!!!

  • Dean

    Looping is my new favorite pastime.

  • attakorahj

    There is no “Funk” untill the Wha Wha pedal is not on. Well i just play me some “Le Freak” or Some Red Hot Chilli Peppers with amp cranked up while i do the bump and hustle with my bassist…yes we had a whole choreography lol

  • Robert Abernathy

    To get funky, I run my guitar through fuzz, through a wah pedal, into an auto wah, into an MXR Carbon Copy!

  • Aaron

    in a word: envelop filter. oh wait, that’s two words.

  • Rick Rice

    I get funky with my Mr, Crybaby Superpedal-“Shaft” all the way baby! The Ring Worm would be cool though!

  • NMA

    Funk’s from the heart-&-soul my sisters and brothers. Any instrument conveys it, but there are no others … like bass. Nothing’s funkier in that low space, than a funkified upright. This funky feline takes it out of sight, adding F-sugar & X-spice makes it double-funky-nice.

  • Ricky

    Two drinks of Beer and one drink of Gin and Johnny “Guitar” Watson has nuthin’ on me.
    Then, I hammer it strait on with some reverb and overdrive.

  • ted

    I paint it green and yellow

  • Eric Cox

    It starts with some Brass Monkey, some random pedal settings, & amps turned up all the way.

  • Sonic Sinner

    Me ‘n my Clyde slide ‘n jive on the southside, know what I mean? ……’Cause I don’t!

  • Gregory Nguyen Ba

    How I get funky on guitar is easy: Clyde wah pedal and a good old Sex Machine by James B!
    To get funky and weird, add a touch of Phase 90 and/or Funkzilla and shake shake it baby! 😉

  • Keoni Boyer

    My green rhino and a wah is all I need

  • Tony Cardinal

    My modest pedal board consists of (Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Mini)>(Boss BD-2)>(Dunlop Crybaby Classic)>(MXR carbon copy). There are 5 spots on my homemade board, that empty space is just killing me. PLEASE end my misery and let me have this!

  • Ray Jimenez

    Me and my better half Melanie of ‘Bridgelight’ like to start out with homey made sum Sailor Jerry rum punch adult cocktails and then sit in our living room rehearsal studio and jam on some bluesy tunes with her rockin’ her Roland stage piano and me on my trusty Telecaster with my MXR 108 vintage fuzz & Dunlop JB wah pedal dialed in just right!

  • Arnon Wiggond


  • Kelly

    Would love to combine this with a heavy vibe setting (Leslie-ish) and maybe my EHX Freeze to get things really weird

  • Dr Z

    I’ve had ringworm, but this looks and sounds like a whole lot more fun! 🙂

  • ||dg||

    A musical guitar, a pocket full off ULTEX, a Cry Baby original, a couple of amps – and a room full of spirited musicians. The Cry Baby goes to one amp only, the other(s) get a fuzz and delay. The amps hear each other, the guitar hears the amps, I stand in the middle and the funk gets nice and weird. I could use a Ringworm mod btw, especially one that’s been mojo’d by one of the best. Groovy.

  • Rick Warren

    Love running my Les Paul through a fast Phase 90 Custom Shop Script, original Cry Baby to get some crazy stuff going on!

  • Irrepressible Impulses

    First blast off in Bb and funk out in Gm and head on over the the Way Huge Ringworm and space out with oscillating delay and offset timbres!

  • DC_Walsh

    Turn the amp to 7, full distortion and full gain’ put a backing track on and just groove to it.

  • JP

    I have an old MXR Omni rack unit with analog delay that is probably way out of factory trim by now. It gets beautifully weird and ring-mod-ish when the regeneration is cranked.

  • Christian Arial

    I have an older Morley Wah Pedal that gets very cool howling distortion. I also like to mess around with pedals and do things they’re not intended to do–like put guitar effects on vocals, keys, bass, drums, etc.

  • Eric Vera

    Jam with who ever wants to have a good time!!!! (:

  • shari

    watch and listen to my 13 yr old son play along to Joe and Tal on utube..can’t get any better than you guys !!

  • Cédric Duval

    How i get funky ? Plug my strat and waiting for à ring worm

  • Fabienne Declercq

    Listening to “we want groove”, best way to get funky at home, at the office, in the car… everywhere ! Rock candy funk party rules !!!!

  • Weston Blake

    My guitar likes to get really weird. When the funk wants to get guitary, my guitar gets funky. Joe knows exactly what I’m talking about enough to make him shout. So hook it up, don’t look it up and watch out!

  • Bob

    I get funky and weird on the guitar, and I am a HUGE JB fan!

  • DaveAMac

    I get funky on my little Bullet Strat…and I am naturally a little weird! B-)

  • Mike Messina

    2 of my favorite things Bonamassa and guitar pedals! Can not imagine having both in one. Currently rocking the Phase 90 mixed in with a King of Tone for my heavier funky stuff. Every time i see Joe i get a different experience and use his diverse style as a motivator to try something new… I’ll even take his ringworm. 🙂

  • Fran Prado

    With wah effect

  • Carrie Osborne

    I would love to try and win this for my husband Tony, he is a strat man first and foremost and with his beloved gold/gold Dan Smith strat, he likes to use wah, the tremelo arm and the natural wicked tremelo in his fingers to make the guitar sing out it’s sweet soul… pedals are his candy store, he would love this!

  • Fred Fuzzpedal

    I’m weird and smelling funky before I pick up my guitar

  • smittytoneamps

    without a Ringworm dang it!!!

  • Till Blaha

    When the tune’s good and I’m really into the music, then I’m getting really weird 😀 That ring mod would fit perfectly!

  • matirocker

    I have a rock n roll band and we love to jam to old classic rock, the best. I’m a huge Bonamassa fan, saw him live both times he came to Buenos Aires.

  • Steve Gillette

    Just starting with my funky self, this will help me!

  • Antonio Dal Bó

    I get funky and weird on the guitar and on the keyboard all the time!

  • Dan the funk man

    I don’t get funky. The funk gets me.

  • Rex Hyatus

    With an MXR Analog Delay, 2 Boss DD-6’s, a Digitech Time Bender, a Boss RE-20 Space Echo, and an EHX Freeze in my effects loop, I’m pretty sure that I’ve broken the Time/Space Continuum on several occasions. A Way Huge Ringworm in the mix would tell all the aliens who’s coming for their space babes.

  • Tyler Ray Davidson

    I just cockslap my guitar until shes begging me to use my swollen pickle with her superwet aqua-puss. Its a good thing she doesn’t have a Saffron Squeeze though, or I wouldn’t make it long through a set.

  • Spike Strider

    I pick it up and try to play it…

  • Keith Mayer

    Workin’ on the Art of the Groove while jammin’ with friends and playing 60’s-70’s covers.

  • Robert Harrison Jr.

    I add a little bit of weird with my MXR Phase 99 and Arion SAD-1, set my amp clean, and jam like some funky monks.

  • Matthew Mervin

    I just go down in my basement and crank my amp up and just move around like an idiot 🙂

  • Andy

    I turn up the speed on my tremolo pedal, and switch it over to square wave for some crazy tones.

  • Gregory Bodish

    The only time I get funky and weird when playing guitar is at home wearing a speedo

  • Reuben Reyes

    Usually just start playing something random until inspiration kicks in….then I’ll do something I’ve never tried before…like pick up a bottle or a slide and just mess around. Haven’t gone all Jimmy Page with the bow solos yet…but not far off.

  • Lior Asher

    ’57 LP goldtop into JB fuzzface into heavy photo cell tremolo – Killer sound!!!

  • I play some Dr John / The Meters / Sly Stone / Clinton & Mothership – kind of FUNK with my Russian sauna hat on my head 🙂

  • Mike Freed

    About the funkiest I can get is waking up in the middle of the night and playing. In nothing but my tighty whiteys…..

  • Chris

    Moonshine and my Les Paul baby…

  • jutsushine

    I don’t know about guitar, but on bass I like to play open hamonics while changing my tuning. With a good dose of delay, maybe some looping as well.

  • Alessandro Morlando

    I just use a BbPream with the gain set at half, my strato with the switch in second position, and many notes on the upbeat!

  • Lance Haar

    i let that funky smooth groove flow through out of the amp speakers, taking me and my friends to a whole new level.

  • wonderbred

    I get funky with fender amp, and a strat-

  • macaddyct

    I recently restored a 70’s Thomas Organ Crybaby–best wah tone I’ve played with!

  • Parker Coffin

    Da ringworm!

  • Jeremy Bowen

    Well, actually I was hoping the weirdness of this pedal and my own weirdness might cancel each other out… Plus, maybe I could call in sick to work because I’d have ring worm.
    I wouldn’t be lying! Don’t make me a liar!

  • MacStratocaster

    I hit my Supa-Puss with a wah and set it for sequenced time delays.

  • Adela Cordero


  • Noel

    I get funky listening to the firsts Chili Peppers CDs

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  • ita9080

    Great !! Thank you very much for the draw 🙂

  • JT Metcalf

    When I get funky with guitar, I get really funky. It all starts with getting naked and getting warmed up. Then I whisper sweet nothing to my axe, and caress her curves. We continue until she’s screaming so loud, the windows are about to break and the neighbors are calling the cops. That’s how we get down.