Capo/Slide Converter


  • Raises string height to allow buzz-free sliding
  • Convert any guitar for slide playing
  • Also works as a standard capo
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Capo/Slide Converter Info

In addition to its use as a standard capo, its innovative design also allows you to raise your guitar’s string action so you can play buzz-free with a slide. Now, you don’t need a guitar dedicated to slide playing—simply slip on the Capo/Slide Converter and pick up your slide and let any guitar sing.

* Raises strings 3mm at lower setting height
* Raises strings 1cm when sleeve is attached
* Clear buzz-free sound
* Lower setting allows for fretting notes while using slide
* Can be used with steel bar, glass, or metal slide
* Elastic capo design for firm grip
* Inserts below strings over any fret
* Turns any acoustic or electric guitar into a slide or steel guitar instantly * Can be used in standing (solid body electric) or...
* Can be used in a sitting position (lap steel, resonator guitar, converted regular acoustic)
* Can be used as a regular capo at anytime
* Experiment and discover your own sound

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Capo/Slide Converter

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