Cry Baby® Rack Module


  • Adjustable sweep frequency range, variable "Q" control, adjustable boost
  • Connect up to six controllers
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Cry Baby® Rack Module Info

The Dunlop Custom Shop Rack Wah gives more control over your wah tone than any wah pedal in the world. The 6-position switch lets you select the sweep frequency range, and the variable Q control determines the wah's bandpass shape. The adjustable boost (up to +10dB) makes the Rack Wah even more flexible. You can connect up to six pedals and place them anywhere onstage. The two outputs give you an astounding amount of routing options for unprecedented versatility.

Power: Dunlop ECB007 24 volt 200ma AC Adapter EU/UK/AU

Cry Baby® Rack Module in the News

Rack Module on Keith Urban's Guitar Rig
Rack Module on Alex Lifeson's Guitar Rig
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