Rotovibe® Chorus/Vibrato


  • Simulate rotating speaker sounds
  • Built-in real-time control
  • Choose either Chorus or Vibrato
  • Used by Jimi Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, Jerry Cantrell, and many others
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Rotovibe® Chorus/Vibrato Info

The Rotovibe is a chorus/vibrato effect that can simulate rotating speaker sounds popularized by Hendrix and many others
This is a very expressive effect, thanks to its built-in real-time control. Choose either Chorus or Vibrato, adjust the intensity of the effect, and then control the effect's speed by rocking the pedal back and forth. A mainstay on Zakk Wylde's pedalboard. Power: Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter or Single 9 volt battery

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Rotovibe® Chorus/Vibrato Artists

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