This Cry Baby Wah combines switchable modern/classic inductors-including Volume and Q controls to fine-tune the modern sound-with status LEDs and convenient auto-return switching.
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The Long Story.

The Billy Duffy Cry Baby Wah combines two different wahs in a single housing so you can change between modern and classic sounds on the fly.

Each wah mode has its own inductor, selectable via a kickswitch on the side of the pedal with LED indicators to show which mode is active. 95Q mode features the same aggressive, high Q inductor as the 95Q Cry Baby Wah, along with its Volume and Q controls. Kicking the switch selects Vintage mode, which uses a warm, low Q inductor custom made for Billy based on one of his favorite vintage Cry Baby pedals.

The Billy Duffy Cry Baby Wah features convenient auto-return switching-so you can step in and out during riffs and solos-with an internal control to set the bypass delay when you lift your foot. Two more internal controls adjust the toe-down frequency of both wah modes.

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