This special edition Phase 90 celebrates Eddie Van Halen's groundbreaking technique and innovative use of effects with a premium high gloss finish adorned with EVH-inspired graphics.
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The Long Story.

In 1978, Eddie Van Halen changed guitar playing forever. Everyone remembers where they were when they first heard the groundbreaking instrumental track Eruption. Eddie's epic, groundbreaking technique and innovative use of effects introduced new sounds to a whole generation. Eddie Van Halen's arrival to the scene was not simply a revolution-it was an evolution. It was the arrival of a new era.

The limited edition Eddie Van Halen 35th Anniversary Signature Series celebrates the legend and his amazing work with three signature EVH effects-the Wah Wah, Flanger and Phase 90-each adorned with premium high gloss paints in a hand-placed, EVH-approved pattern based on two of the most iconic guitars in history: Black and White and Frankenstein. These richly finished pedals are as ready for the showroom floor as they are for the road.

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