With its compact size for choking up and digging in, three hand-burnished edges and tips for fast release, and the easy playability and bright sound of Ultex® material, this pick has everything that legendary Japanese guitar player Akira Takasaki was looking for. Features a custom low-profile grip depicting the Japanese character for "energy"—氣. .

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The Long Story

From the moment that Akira Takasaki first played the Primetone Small Tri Pick, he was hooked. It was exactly what he'd been looking for. Though it was the opposite of the Standard-shaped pick that he had been using, his new pick's compact size, three hand-burnished edges and tips, and bright Ultex tones produced the incredible sound and easy playability that he had always wanted.

"From the moment I got this guitar pick, I had a special feeling. The Ultex material and Small Tri shape are brilliant and allow the natural sound of my guitar to stand out—even when unplugged. I personalized the grip with the kanji “氣”—meaning “energy”—making it even easier to play."
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