Animals As Leaders

Animals As Leaders.

Tosin Abasi & Javier Reyes

With their frightening fretboard agility and dynamic songwriting, Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes from the band Animals as Leaders have inspired a whole generation of guitar players to rethink the role of their instrument.

“We always come back to Dunlop picks. The Jazz III is iconic and indispensable.”

Tosin and Javier use a number of Dunlop products, including the MXR® Carbon Copy® Analog Delay, MXR® Reverb, and MXR® Sub Machine Fuzz and the Way Huge® Pork Loin Overdrive. In 2016 they collaborated with Dunlop to create Tortex® and Primetone® Picks based on the cult-favorite Jazz III shape.