Captain Kirk Douglas

Captain Kirk Douglas.

For nearly 20 years, Captain Kirk Douglas has been the celebrated guitar player for legendary hip hop group the Roots, a band famous for its compositional depth and live instrumentation performed by musicians whose talent and technique are among the best in the business. His solo project Hundred Watt Heart, whose first release Turbulent Times has garnered wide acclaim, showcases the bluesy and psychedelic rock influences that inspired him to pick up the electric guitar.

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Captain Kirk is a proud user of the MXR® Carbon Copy® Analog Delay, the MXR Vintage ’75 Phase 45, and the Cry Baby® Standard Wah. “There's something special about the repeats,” he says of the Carbon Copy Analog Delay. “Even in front of an overdriven amp, the echoes melt together in a way that's pleasing to the ear. And you can still hear the clarity of the original note."