Eric Gales

Eric Gales.

With incredible technical finesse, an ear for great tone, and impeccable melodic taste, Eric Gales has set himself apart as one of the most gifted guitar players of the modern era. His deft syncretization of blues, rock, classical, jazz, and other traditions into his own natural form has garnered the admiration and praise of his fellow players, from  Carlos Santana to Joe Bonamassa. 

One of the key elements to Eric’s sound and expressivity is the Cry Baby® Wah. “The Cry Baby Wah opens up my songwriting process and takes my playing to places I’d never think to explore without it,” he says. “It’s an essential tool. I don’t feel comfortable if it’s not down on the floor in front of me. It will always be there in my chain.”

Eric uses a number of other Dunlop products, from MXR® and Fuzz Face® pedals to accessories such as Straplok® Strap Retainers and System 65™ tools.