Gary Clark Jr

Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. has breathed new life into the blues, enriching one of America's greatest musical traditions with an uncanny lyricism that reveals itself through his voice, his instrument, and his compositions. His ability to meld hip-hop, funk, and rock 'n' roll seamlessly with a blues-based core makes him one of the modern era's greatest musical talents.

Gary’s been using Dunlop gear from the beginning of his musical journey, especially the Cry Baby® Wah. “I’d listened so much and seen videos like Hendrix at Woodstock—I kind of knew how it worked and what the point was,” he says. “When I finally got one, I was ready.”

About his own signature Cry Baby Wah, Gary says, “All I know is the sound that I like, which is a deeper, wider sound, kind of like you’re under water. When you push that thing all the way down, I want it to scream and pierce your ears."

Gary uses Dunlop Celluloid Picks, Glass Slides, and the Gary Clark Jr. Cry Baby Wah.