Jim Root

Jim Root.

Jim Root lends his fast, technical fretwork to Slipknot’s unique onslaught of downtuned riffs, demented melodies, and blast-beat-driven grooves. He considers a wide range of Dunlop products to be crucial components of his sound.

“From the writing process, to the studio, all the way to live shows, there is an arsenal of Dunlop gear that I bring,” he says. “Strings, picks, the Way Huge® line, MXR®—they’re all very important to my creative process.”

In 2019, we released the Jim Root Custom Nylon Pick. “It’s essentially a Tortex® TIII made from the same nylon as a Jazz III,” Jim says. “It helps cut through when the double-kick starts going, and it glides over the strings no matter what the tension and tuning are for the guitar that I’m using. And then it has the perfect offset grip for the thumb and forefinger so that I don’t drop it on stage.”