Justin Chancellor

Justin Chancellor.


Bass player Justin Chancellor goes beyond the role of his instrument. When needed, he provides the low end glue that holds Tool’s intricate, multi-layered sound together. Just as often, though, he’ll play everything from chords, harmonics, and single-note melodies up and down the neck of his bass guitar to expand the borders of a soundscape and occasionally trade roles with guitarist Adam Jones. Justin’s artful use of a dynamic array of effects has further cemented his reputation among bass players as a forward-thinking sonic craftsman.

“The MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz gives me robust and reliable tracking down below. Open the throttle and wallow in its liquid sunshine.”
Justin plays exclusively with Tortex® Picks and loves the Cry Baby® 105Q Bass Wah, the MXR® Bass Octave Deluxe, and the MXR® Sub Octave Bass Fuzz.