Paul Turner

Paul Turner.

Paul Turner is a renowned UK bassist who has played with a number of celebrated acts, including Jamiroquai and Annie Lennox. He’s spent his entire career honing his craft and his tone, and he understands the significance of every part of a player’s signal chain.

When he made the switch to Dunlop Strings, Paul didn’t make the decision lightly. “I generally don’t change things unless I really feel like I have to,” he explains. “I’d been using the same strings for more than 20 years, but the Dunlop Super Bright™ Nickel Wound Bass Strings feel like they are responding very quickly to what I am playing.
The nickels sound played-in, but they still have a great, immediate tone with lots of presence and fundamental whilst sounding very musical.”
In addition to Super Bright Bass Strings, Paul also uses the MXR® Bass Octave Deluxe.