Tom Morello

Tom Morello.

Through Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, and acclaimed solo work, Tom Morello’s heavy, relentless grooves and sonic ingenuity have promoted the voices of the unheard. His creative use of technique, effects, and even the knobs and switches of his instrument have allowed him to walk the line between guitar player, keyboard player, and DJ.

Two key elements of Tom’s signature sound are his amp-and-cab setup—recreated in pedal form as the MXR® Power 50™ Overdrive—and the Cry Baby® Tom Morello Wah.

“The Power 50 Overdrive emulates the amp setup that I’ve used since 1988,” he says. “I’ve made 21 studio albums, and that amp, that head, and that speaker, and that tone has been on 21 of them. It’s been my signature identifiable sound since Day One of my career. If you want to have the sound that has been on those records, you don’t need to find an amp and speaker cabinet from 1988. You can get that sound with the Power 50 Overdrive, no matter what your setup is.”

About the Cry Baby Wah, Tom says, “This is based on the same wah pedal that I have used on every record and at every show that I have ever played. Using my Cry Baby Wah and the toggle switch on my guitar started me on a journey to find my own voice, who I was on the instrument, and what sounds I had within me that could be unleashed with my guitar and this pedal.”