Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, & Paolo Gregoletto

For more than 20 years, Trivium's expertly woven tapestries of crushing riffs and ethereal melodies that have attracted a worldwide audience and inspired countless players to pick up an instrument. Throughout their journey, members of Trivium have used Dunlop gear to make their music.

Matt Heafy has been one of the most enthusiastic evangelists for the Jazz III Pick and its spin-offs. In fact, he’s been using some form of the pick since he was a teenager. “For me, the pick that has been consistent in my playing since I was about 16 years old is the Jazz III,” Matt says. “You can’t hide behind anything due to its thickness and shape and size—it’s all about accuracy. Whether you’re playing tremolo picked Black Metal-styled riffs, super-tight sextuplet solo runs, pedal-toned Gothenburg-style downpicking, arpeggiated folk-picking, lightly strummed chords—the Jazz III can handle it all in a far more efficient way than the standard pick.”

Today, Matt has his own custom Max-Grip® Jazz III Pick featuring a grip for superior control and a custom nylon formula that carefully balances stiffness and flexibility. “There’s something about its shape, size, and build that makes you unstoppable,” he says. “This version's Max-Grip texture and slightly denser structure make it perfect for me.”

Matt and fellow guitar player Corey Beaulieu use Heavy Core® Trivium Guitar Strings. “Since the beginning, Trivium has used Dunlop Strings. We have vastly different equipment and playing styles, but the one constant between us is—and has always been—Dunlop’s world-class strings.”

Along with Dunlop Picks and Strings, the members of Trivium use MXR® and Cry Baby® pedals.