This kit features the absolute essentials for a fast and frustration-free string change— pro-grade string cutters that are powerful yet compact and a quick-action stringwinder.

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The GrooveTech String Change Kit combines the two must-haves for a fast and frustration-free string change—pro-grade string cutters and a fast-action stringwinder. GrooveTech String Cutters are specifically designed to cut through strings with specially treated, wear-resistant blades, and they sit comfortably in the hand thanks to a compact profile and vinyl grips. Our simple-yet-highly effective stringwinder will have you stringing up without the fuss. The winder also comes with a pin puller for your acoustic.

With the GrooveTech String Change Kit, you might just start looking forward to string changes.

GrooveTech Tools offer a lifetime of quality instrument care for players of all levels. They’re built to last in the workshop and on the road, and they’re easy to use so that anyone can start working toward a better playing experience. Every tool. Every need. Every player.

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