The Pivot Capo provides even tension and precise intonation up and down the neck, offering bright clarity and beautiful, long-lasting sustain for a rich and satisfying playing experience.

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The Long Story

Choose the Pivot Capo for the most satisfying playing experience. It's just going to sound and feel better. And that's by design.

Precise intonation.

Patented self-centering neck pivot adapts to a variety of neck shapes for even tension and tuning stability—even as you move it up and down the neck.

Easy adjustment.

Low-resistance gear quickly dials in precise pressure.

Clarity & sustain.

Notes ring out longer and more clearly thanks to tone-enhancing mass and dense rubber padding.

Optimized fret pad.

Accommodates fretboard radius to reduce string buzzing.

Engineered for your enjoyment.

Give yourself the smooth, gratifying capo experience that you deserve with the Pivot Capo.

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