Get the fat tone and slick release of Delrin 500 Picks with better handling than ever before. Thanks to a low-profile gripping surface, Prime Grip Delrin 500 Picks give you the control you need to dig in at any speed.

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Prime Grip Delrin 500 Picks combine classic design and modern ingenuity, granting the rich warmth of Delrin 500 Picks with a grip that has been specially designed and molded to give you more control than ever before.

Delrin has it all. It resists wear, has a super smooth surface, and produces a warm organic sound without any clack—just like plucking the strings with your fingers. It's rigid but not inflexible, so it'll give as much as you need it to and then snap right back into place. Designed specifically to take a beating from heavy duty metal machinery without wearing down or making noise, Delrin might as well have been designed to take a beating from guitar players and their strings.

The Prime Grip Delrin 500 Pick series takes all that to the next level with a grip inspired by the cutting edge techniques we used to create our Primetone Picks. It's just the right height and covers just the right amount of surface area to keep it in your hand without getting in your way. Dig in and play with confidence.

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